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  3. A solo tailgate? I think we have cornhole boards if you're into that kind of thing
  4. i have booked a double room if anyone is looking to share for the thursday night
  5. There is a free parking lot at gilette - but they won't let you leave for 75 mins after the game. not sure if we are considering it for the RT this year, but here are the details https://www.gillettestadium.com/freeparking/
  6. Carl,


    Can't seem to PM you, says you can't receive.


    If it's not too late, can I rejoin FF Div 4 ? Was Foxborough Market last year.




  7. Only 4 holidays to go between now and the road trip?
  8. Tickets are fully paid up! We have an excellent group of seats, block 331 rows 2 and 3. Counting the days!
  9. Is this your 1st time to Gillette Stadium? Where are your tickets? 28 year STM here. My son and I will be there. As a matter of fact it is my 71st birthday. We hope to hook up with a friend from the UK either before the game or during half-time. Maybe we can meet up. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
  10. Think this might be my only chance to get to a game this season Sat-Tue flying visit on Avios, points for hotel and 76 dollars a ticket. NYC pats fan normally do a group booking for the game.
  11. I'm planning to head over for Monday Night Football in October. Mogwai and Parquet Courts are playing in Queens on the Saturday night, so I'll stay there or Brooklyn over the weekend, before heading to a hotel closer to NJ on the Monday. Plenty of decent tickets at not stupid markups on TM and elsewhere.
  12. Hello, I'm travelling to New England with my family, and I have a ticket for the home opener vs Steelers. Just wondering if anyone else is going, as I'll be on my own. Thanks, Steven
  13. Carl, I have tried to PM you but for some reason I am told Carl03 cannot receive messages .


  14. Ok so we have been allocated our 300 section seats again - price including tailgate contribution will be £132 per seat. I will be contacting all applicants individually with payment details.
  15. Great news, but unfortunately I'll not be able to make it. The Thursday night is a crippler for time off work. I'm sure there will be a few happy Road Trippers - no one waving their Under Armour round their head this year! 😂
  16. Finally! We have received pricing details from the Patriots and will be confirming payment details tomorrow!
  17. Why the detours, is Darius coming with you
  18. I will most likely be driving to Washington from RI and back with some detours on the way
  19. Me & Deb are going, also David & Becky. I believe Warren and Ian Buchanan are going as well & possibly Carl. Me & Deb arrive on the Saturday afternoon, staying until Wednesday morning before flying up to Boston. Haven't booked a hotel yet, but probably likely to book nearer the centre and Reagan airport area.
  20. Any news on this? Who is going? What dates are you arriving? Hotels you're staying in? Anything else planned for the weekend?
  21. Very quick kind of update on the ticket allocation - we still do not have pricing so cannot collect money to confirm tickets. We are hoping tohave this any day now, so please sit tight and be ready to move once the details come through. We have been confirmed for our usual allocation so if you have applied on here and have received my acknowledgement, you are on our list - just waiting on Pats Front office now for the final piece. Bye for now Mandy
  22. Darn.... work, baseball and cricket. Completely forgot about this! Have a great trip everyone.
  23. Jealous! Looking at the dates and time required off work with it being a Thursday, I don't think I'm going to be able to make it work for the Giants RT. Recently started a new job and already have 2 weeks off for a trip to Germany in August! I'll confirm with my boss this week though. Hoping to get the Redskins in, and if all else fails, will have to settle for the the Bills in Buffalo...
  24. Bruins have their home opener on the Saturday after the giants game. Think I’ll stick around for that and head home on the Sunday.
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