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  2. UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party

    Hey guys. Australian Pats fan, recently moved to London, looking for some like-minded fans to watch the big game with. Any chance there are still any spots? (Me + 1) Have sent a PM. Fingers crossed! :-)
  3. AFC Championship Meet-up Nottingham

    We'll stick a pin in this due to low numbers and Shooters have been abit noncommittal about staying open until the games finished. Plus I've now gotta be in West Bromwich tomorrow so early start for me. Apologies but hopefully next time. Enjoy the game.
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  5. UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party

    Sadly won't be down but I will make it down to some other events to meet you guys at some point I'm sure.
  6. UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party

    Have a great time guys and don't hate me, but I'll be in somewhere called Minneapolis where I hear there is some minor sporting event happening Can't afford tickets to the actual game but have a friend who lives there so was too good an opportunity to miss to go visit him and soak up the atmosphere at least!
  7. UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party

    1 for me please Mark. Hope I'm not too late.
  8. UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party

    Hi Matt, currently still some space available, 4 spaces if all the probable confirm their places and pay up. I've sent you a PM
  9. AFC Championship Meet-up Nottingham

    Hey I'm new here. I'm not too far away, I might make the drive over with some pals. Any idea of numbers yet?
  10. UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party

    Just logged back in after a while away. My old account wouldn't work for some reason. Is there still availability for this? I'm looking for 2 people, maybe 3
  11. London 2018 Group booking

    Depending on what NFL UK/Ticketmaster announce tomorrow (assuming they know by then!), I'll probably be renewing my season ticket but more than happy to meet up before/after whatever game.
  12. London 2018 Group booking

    White Hart Lane is ten minutes on the train for me, go past it on my daily commute, so me and Mrs Deadly (who comes to every game) would be up for that. It's "only" going to be 60,000 capacity, so tickets might be scarce once you take out Spurs and NFLUK Season Ticket holders.
  13. AFC Championship Meet-up Nottingham

    I'll be there!
  14. Hi boys and girls, Putting the feelers out there for a meet-up to watch the AFC Championship game at Shooters Sports Bar in Nottingham. Unfortunately Hooters and South Bank Bar both close at 10.30pm on Sunday so Shooters seems to be our best bet. I'll call them today to see what the craic will be should the game go on late, overtime, etc, but I believe they close at 1am so shouldn't be a problem. I'll explore a few other options aswell but wanted to see what sort of attendance we might generate. Shooters is on Friar Lane, just up from Market Square, so very central if people can make it in via train or tram and there should be plenty of street parking on a Sunday evening which is free after 8pm. Let me know and if there's a nice little group of us we'll make it happen. Ash
  15. UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party

    for those down on the saturday. it was mentioned with Martyn that he wanted to come along and watch the football with me. wealdstone got a nice home draw in FA throphy either ebbsfleet or warrington town. if anyone is in town and wants to watch some crappy affordable football drop me a message. ground is easy to get to from central via met line
  16. London 2018 Group booking

    Seahawks Raiders for me too if only to see the new stadium first hand
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  18. London 2018 Group booking

    It has to be Seahawks v Raiders for me. Can't make the other 2 dates.
  19. London 2018 Group booking

    Sorry guys .. Got a bit over zealous with my housekeeping, and deleted the two threads with the Poll. So I'll start it again. This thread for anyone interested in a group booking through the UKPatriots to one of the London games. No guarantee that the NFL will give us one, but they have offered in the past, and I'm sure we'll get one if we get 30+ people interested. And if they don't , we can still use Ticketshafter and get our own tickets to the same game for a meet-up.
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  21. UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party

    (IP: Posted January 6, 2016 (edited) This years Superbowl Party will once again be hosted by the Marylebone Sports Bar & Grill on Sunday 4th February 2018. At this point in time, we have exclusive use of the Scarlett Bar, providing we have a minimum of 30 people. With some slight rearranging of the seating we can get a maximum of 40 people in this area. Therefore places will be on a first come basis (receipt of payment being the determining factor) Other factors are basically the same as last year, so the cost is an all inclusive £30 per person, which covers admission to the SB & G (remember they have a £10 per person door charge on superbowl night). Food as per the set menu below and service charge (again SB & G usually add 12.5% to all food bills, all the time) Food is: Cheese Nachos with dips on the side Chicken Wings, with Carrot & Celery sticks and dips Plain Burger in a Ciabatta Bun. Mixed bowls of French Fries & Chunky Chips BBQ Baby Back Ribs (usually enough for a couple each) Payment in full will need to be made to me by Monday 22nd January 2018 Remember, this event will take place whoever is in the Superbowl. If the Pats are there, like last year, then it's a bonus and makes it an even better night. There is a Travelodge literally next door to the venue, but they don't seem to have any really tempting deals on at the minute. There are several other budget hotels within a fairly short distance of the SB & G, or you just get the first train out of London on the Monday morning. Please indicate your interest here and also PM me a current email address and I'll send the bank details to make payments (same as last year for any returning people) List of Attendees (Confirmed & paid) Probable still to confirm & pay Swindon Patriot WilforkPlanet + 1 WelshLancsPat Warren + 1 Grecian Patriot Waspie Deadly36 Martynb27 Patriotsjay Old Glory Matt + 2 JVTUK Tamish Swiss Patriot Carl03 Wycombe Patriots Darius87 Jaco mablc001 + 2 rob@foxboro + 1 dolagirl80 + 1 Buddfox Simon89 + 1 Glasgowpat + 1 Nedpears
  22. There's an update: How to Attend a Patriots Home Game
  23. There's an update: How to Attend a Patriots Home Game
  24. There's an update: How to Attend a Patriots Home Game
  25. Read this before, as I am a keen redditor. But soooo glad I stumbled on this again.
  26. So this year's road trip for me and the wife are




    1. ronthepat



  27. Best Seats at Gillette

    Do we know a date for when the tickets are on sale yet?
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