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  2. It was the third step that got me, but I'm learning to be more careful! 🤣
  3. Just wanted to check in with you guys and see if anyone has any news regarding this year's trip
  4. I'm up for it - but it's probably easier for the drivers than the flyers
  5. I'd love to do the 49ers but, as you say, whether there are any games that we (or any fans) can attend remains to be decided
  6. i am sure Mandy will be in contact with the club to see whats available. as im sure you will know no one knows if any fans will be able to go to games and i am sure Mandy will update us when she know what is available
  7. Might be a bit too soon to ask (apologies if anyone is offended) but with the schedule being released my mind inevitably turns to the Road Trip. I’ve still not made one with you guys, but that doesn’t stop me trying each year. I just wondered what the chances were of there being a Road Trip at all this year? I keep reading that maybe September games will be behind closed doors, but nothing other than that. Otherwise a week in LA at the start of December for both the Chargers and Rams game looks very appealing. Other than that I hope you’re all well, keeping healthy and staying safe.
  8. tbh the starts this weekend playing a team with weapons but hope to expliot the qb teams we have played have been awful truly awful. like the PL the top few teams are great and the rest are weak and in it for the cash
  9. This D is scaring me, people are going back 100 years in the stats to find comparisons. If they keep this up just how bad would the O have to get for us not to be able to keep winning. Some things seem to be to good to be true, I'm waiting for Goodell to decide they're cheating , no evidence but "they just can't be that good without cheating so they must be doing it" and suspending them all for four games.
  10. 3 d drives 1 punt 1 int 1 fumble rec,,,,not too shabby
  11. The D is slowing down... took 2 plays to get the ball back, cmon guys
  12. impromptu gameday thread - very pretty 1st drive but we really need to be able to run up the middle with some consistency,,,
  13. As its only the 2 of us going we don't want to drive, plus the cost of hiring a car and the parking charges you mention make it more expensive then Uber, bus or train. More importantly we are very keen for beers, especially in December where we might need that beer coat. I'm leaning towards the bus just so it takes all complications away, we just need to turn up on time and not lose track of the time after the game.
  14. I've only ever driven to the games myself, so cannot help with info about the train or shuttle bus. I'm sure there will be a few replies from people who have used those methods though. Driving gives you a lot more flexibility, but no opportunity for having a drink (well maybe one). You would need to set off in good time if you are travelling down from Boston as the traffic gets crazy busy. Parking has just gone up to $60 per car, but if you get there nice and early, you'll have time to experience the tailgating atmosphere, visit the pro-shop (take any bulky purchases back to your car before going into the stadium) and not have to rush out to catch the train or a bus back. Driving back could well take just as long as the train journey. We usually don't bother trying to leave the car park until at least an hour or so after the game.
  15. Morning all, Hope you all enjoyed the win last night although it was a tough one. 2 good defences going at it. In December were heading over to Boston for our first ever home game which we are very excited about. I'm interested to hear peoples experiences with the transport links to the stadium from Boston. I've read a fair bit about this and how there doesn't seem to be a clear winner for the best way to do this. I'm stuck between two options- 1. pay $40 each for the shuttle bus which will get us there in plenty of time and leave about 30 mins after the game. 2. Get an Uber down to the stadium early Sunday morning and then slog it back on the train after the game. Although the train does take over 2 hours to get back to Boston (?) which seems amazing as only 30 odd miles away! Any info on past experiences is appreciated. Thanks
  16. Hi Howard Thanks for your post. Yes, I was aware that P2 is now $60 per vehicle. Another good reason to get everyone there in the minimum number of vehicles.
  17. Mark, If you don't already know, P2 is now $60. Howard
  18. As in previous years the plan on the day will be to all meet up at the Roadtrip hotel and travel to the stadium as a small convoy. I have pm'd all confirmed roadtrippers to establish what vehicles we have available and who needs transport on the day. Please could you check your message folder and respond asap. Many thanks
  19. The Hippodrome at Leicester Square is probably your best bet as they show multiple games. Most other bars will probably only be showing whatever the early game is on Sky TV, which I'm pretty sure isn't going to be the Pats stomping all over the Jets
  20. Hello folks. I’m in London on Holiday and need a place to watch the game Sunday against the Jets. I have season tickets to the Pats so it sucks I can’t be at the game but, it is what it is. I’m staying in Russell Sq but am open to travel a bit. Thanks in advance. BTW challenge question is classic.
  21. A solo tailgate? I think we have cornhole boards if you're into that kind of thing
  22. i have booked a double room if anyone is looking to share for the thursday night
  23. There is a free parking lot at gilette - but they won't let you leave for 75 mins after the game. not sure if we are considering it for the RT this year, but here are the details https://www.gillettestadium.com/freeparking/
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