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  3. Ipswich Super Bowl Party 2019. Only £5 entrance - advance tickets only. Patriots fans more than welcome. www.ipswichcardinals.co.uk/superbowl
  4. Thinking of heading down so hopefully see you there!
  5. While there isn't going to be an official UK Patriots event this year, a bunch of us have decided to go to The Broadleaf, at the bottom of what used to be called the NatWest Tower. See here for details and a link to buy tickets (£10 each). https://broadleaflondon.com/superbowl/ Be good if we could get some more UK Patriots in there...
  6. Guest

    Jets Nov 18

    Last day of work before we head over to NYC for the game, so excited!! The weather is also looking on the up after a forecasted -3 C high tomorrow Sunday is looking sunny and 13 C!!! Will defo head to Tir Na Nog prior to getting the train over to the stadium and hopefully afterwards to celebrate the win. Was so disappointed with our performance against the Titans a fortnight ago, so hoping for a big big reaction on Sunday afternoon!!! Enjoy the game!!
  7. It was great to see some familiar faces this year, with some other familiar faces missed (hopefully next year!). As is always the case with UKPats events, it was fun to meet some great new people too, and Darius! Glad to bring back the W. Thanks to M-Wa, Mark Jubb, Howie, Paul, and Boris for their efforts in making everything run smoothly as always. Apologies if I missed anybody out, I had quite a few drinks and not much sleep so my memory may be a little fuzzy. Unfortunately the same can't be said for Weaksauce Johnson - who had very few drinks, and a lot of sleep!
  8. Great trip guys, thanks for all those that organised it. Was good to meet everyone
  9. It was an unforgettable trip for me and the missus as first-timers Mandy, thank you very much for all your efforts.
  10. Thanks to all who attended for making it another great weekend. See you all next year with the 16th (apparently!) Anniversary Roadtrip :-)
  11. Fantastic time, Dolphins,Canton,Kent,Cleveland,Buffalo and Colts a near perfect storm for a once in a lifetime experience. We're on to next year...
  12. For the last three years we have gone to the same lot to meet the guys so I would guess they will be there again Thursday night
  13. Hey Mrs L Is this likely to be the same tailgate location for Thursday, if not, when are you likely to know/advise? Thanks.
  14. Have a great time guys and ffs bring back the 2 Ws
  15. tailgate details for Miami game: parking lot p10 pole 5207. look for the tailgate2000 bus.
  16. I've allocated Carl to your car for the Thursday night game.
  17. Who volunteered to drive that one?? I plan on drinking more Sams than I did last year (not forgetting the smart ass who bought me a Michelob Ultra (I didn't think I could find a worse beer than Carling!)).
  18. Ben cannot attend the Colts game. Does anyone need a ticket? My seats are in Sec 306, Row 11, on the goal line on the Patriots side of the field. If you need it and want to be considered, it just email thru here.
  19. WhatsApp group is now up and running.
  20. Thanks Mark for sorting this. And thanks to all the volunteer drivers. Usual rules apply - if you are a passenger in someone's car, you are expected to cover the cost of parking at the stadium. Drivers do not pay. Parking is $40 per car.
  21. Good idea - will sort this tomorrow
  22. Carl03

    Jets Nov 18

    Wilt or anyone else going to this who hasn't got tickets yet, the NYC pats fan club have just mailed this link out to members for discounted tickets, also might be the easiest way to ensure you're sat with pats fans. If anyone going wants a post game party the venue will be the Tir Na Nog at west 39th just off 8th avenue. About 7 blocks from penn. I've managed to wrangle a work trip to NY that week so I'll be at the game and in the bar on 31st prior to tge game and the bar on 39th post game if anyone fancys a beer. https://nyjets.spinzo.com/new-england-patriots-vs-new-york-jets-2018-11-25-DGFVD?group=patriots-fan-clubs-kh3h
  23. Matt Light's HOF induction is on the 29th at 4pm at Patriot Place
  24. This is a good reason to supply your contact details to mark (swindon Patriot) - Mandy usually sends out a list of everyone's contact details before the trip in case a specific person doesn't have cellphone coverage or email access but someone they are with does at the time you are trying to get hold of them. There was also a whatsapp group last year that worked pretty well for allowing people to coordinate stuff over the whole weekend so i think it a good idea to repeat that this year
  25. Mark has described things perfectly. Our friend Paul (bruschifan) will bring along some Sam Adams which is covered under your game ticket - but the rest of tailgate offerings need a contribution. There are cash cans on the tables to put your contribution into so please go ahead and do that on the day itself. The tailgate is organized by Tailgate2000 group and they are a LOT of fun. It's a fantastic opportunity to experience a proper tailgate and mix with a lot of different Pats fans. The tailgate itself is held in Parking lot P10 - which is just across the road from the stadium. I don't have the specific pole number yet (the poles are the way to orientate yourselves and get to the right place in a big space!) but that will be confirmed before the games so keep an eye open! Another polite reminder that if you are coming in independently (via Rally Buss or other means) you MUST come and find us to collect your tickets - at least 1.30hrs before gametime.
  26. Not to say this is in any way the official amount but my bro and I put in $30 each to the tailgate contributions pot
  27. North America maps now loaded onto the Garmin and locations due to be visited have been logged in and stored.
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