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  2. Very quick kind of update on the ticket allocation - we still do not have pricing so cannot collect money to confirm tickets. We are hoping tohave this any day now, so please sit tight and be ready to move once the details come through. We have been confirmed for our usual allocation so if you have applied on here and have received my acknowledgement, you are on our list - just waiting on Pats Front office now for the final piece. Bye for now Mandy
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  4. Darn.... work, baseball and cricket. Completely forgot about this! Have a great trip everyone.
  5. Jealous! Looking at the dates and time required off work with it being a Thursday, I don't think I'm going to be able to make it work for the Giants RT. Recently started a new job and already have 2 weeks off for a trip to Germany in August! I'll confirm with my boss this week though. Hoping to get the Redskins in, and if all else fails, will have to settle for the the Bills in Buffalo...
  6. Bruins have their home opener on the Saturday after the giants game. Think I’ll stick around for that and head home on the Sunday.
  7. This thread is now closed - we are a group of 25. I will be in touch with all applicants once we receive confirmed pricing from the team roll on october!
  8. Thanks for your efforts 👍. Reservation made.
  9. Booked flights and ticket today,I arrive Friday afternoon and leave Monday evening so just a flying visit. My ticket is in Section 220 but would love to meet up with some people over the course of the weekend.Please let know what you guys plans are closer the time. Cheers, Darren
  10. we are in section 112 if you get a ticket
  11. Another one here thinking of taking in the Redskins game,will probably be heading alone so would be interested in a meet up.
  12. Thanks for sorting out the hotel once more - much appreciated
  13. I think a clarification is is order. I need names and nights needed only for control purposes. I am not making reservations for anyone. you are on your own. Here is the direct booking link for the UKPatriots roadtrip: Booking Link: http://group.hamptoninn.com/ukpatriotsArrival Date: 09-Oct-2019Departure Date: 11-Oct-2019Please note, the entire URL must be copied and pasted for it to work properly. To arrive earlier or stay later please contact the Sales dapartment directly (781-702 5212) or via email to sue.gallogly@hilton.com. Remember to use the group name.
  14. Hi Paul Don't need tickets (already have one). First visit to HR for me, any recommendations regarding pre/post match watering holes? Can meet up for an aperitif if you like? Anyone else attending this game and fancy a meet up? Kev
  15. Thanks for dealing with this again Howard. Really appreciate it. I've pm'd you
  16. When I contacted Sue at the Hampton Inn she was very glad to hear from me on behalf of the UKPatriots Preliminary info from the Hampton Inn. We could only get 13 double rooms (@$159 + tax) and 5 single rooms with a sofa bed (@$149 + tax) for Wednesday and Thursday nights, with the ability to arrive earlier by 10/6/19 and stay later until 10/13/19 for the group rate based on availability. To arrive earlier or stay later please contact the Sales dapartment directly (781-702 5212) or via email to sue.gallogly@hilton.com. Make sure you mention "UKPatriots". Everyone is responsible for their own reservation. I would like to know how many of each room is needed. Please PM me here or email me directly @ husky71@comcast.net Reservations must be made by 9/10/19 or any unused rooms on the contract will be returned to the hotel inventory. I will sign off on the contract by 6/10/19. Once I sign off on the contract, I will receive a direct link for booking the rooms. Don't wait until the last minute to make your reservation.
  17. I hear Canton isn't far I've heard outside of going to the whitehouse, Washington on a Monday is pretty dull
  18. It looks like there are already at least 7 of us that have tickets for this game prior to the official road trip game. If anyone else from the group is planning on going make it known so we can potentially organise a meet up Suggestions for activities in Washington are welcome , I'm think we potentially meet up with the Patriots Road Trip crew for tailgating & maybe other organised functions
  19. A total of 20 tickets already requested - a very healthy number!
  20. Me & the boss are in for this one, she finally got some holidays to coincide with the roadtrip. official application via PM.
  21. Finally after many years, i am in a position to apply and attend a roadtrip.... fingers crossed on the allocations.
  22. I'm in for 2 tickets , the sun worshipper is flying back to come as well Washington sounds good as well
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