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    Well that negotiation was easier than expected, application has gone in to Mrs Laz, so hopefully back on the RT after a 4 year break.
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    We will be informed prior to the open sale (per usual practice anyway). Hoping to hear early next week.
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    We are still waiting for confirmation of both allocation and pricing. We were in touch with the contact yesterday who said the request is under review with team ownership (standard practice) and promises to let us know as soon as he can.
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    Upgraded status from Tempting to Holidays Approved and application in
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    Ticket update: we are now fully paid up with the Patriots. Roadtrip AHOY!
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    Here we go: Your group block has been setup in our system and below are the instructions to make reservations into the group block. Individuals will be responsible for making their own reservations. All reservations require a credit card at the time of booking. Guests can call the hotel directly at 781-769-7000 and choose option 2 for sales or option 0 for the front desk. They should mention the UK Patriots block. They can also book online at www.bostonnorwood.hamptoninn.com . Under "Add Special Rate Codes, they should enter your group booking code, which is UKP For all online reservations through our Hampton Inn Website the GROUP CODE is UKP. We always setup the group a couple of days prior to the actual dates, in case some guests want to come in early. There are no rooms blocked for those additional days however and the group rate may or may not apply for those days booked outside of the contracted dates. Any guests that need to stay outside of the group block dates should make their reservations directly with Sue in sales. Please let everyone know that they must make their reservations by the end of day September 8, 2018. On September 9, all rooms not booked in the block will drop back into hotel inventory and the group rate will no longer apply. From: Sue Gallogly Director of Sales Hampton Inn by Hilton Boston Norwood 434 Providence Highway Norwood, MA 02062 (781) 769-7000 I will be watching the list of reservations made so only the Roadtrippers will get the benefit of the group discount. Anyone not on Mandy's final list of approved applications will have their reservation deleted. Also please remember that if you need reservations for both games and you are not staying at the hotel between games, you must make 2 separate reservations.
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    News coming soon.....stay tuned
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    So - for anyone interested, we have taken the first step of reaching out to the Patriots to see which games we might be offered. This initial process usually takes a couple of weeks as they are still establishing the pricing tiers, which games will be premium games etc. All updates will be posted here once known.
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    We are delighted to announce the games for the 2018 UKPatriots Roadtrip – that’s right, GAMES! This year, we are doing things a little differently as we have been offered the chance to purchase tickets for two games, which are scheduled 5 days apart in late September, early October: Date: Sunday 30th September 1300hrs Venue: Gillette Stadium Vs: Miami Dolphins And/or: Date: Thursday 4th October 2020hrs Venue: Gillette Stadium Vs: Indianapolis Colts Here is how it will work: only one of the games – the Miami game on Sunday 30th September - will be designated as the official roadtrip game, where we will get together as a group on the day. For the other game, you will be on your own apart from collecting your tickets on the day of the game/sitting together for the game. Folks can apply to attend either one of the games OR both games – as long as the usual roadtrip rules are met (see below). Here are the rules for applying for tickets for this year’s roadtrip from the UK. Please only apply for the trip if you are serious about attending! Roadtrip Rules: - To be accepted for the roadtrip, you must be a full registered member of UKPatriots.com forum and fanclub. If not already a full member, please PM jaco for details on how to become a full registered member. IMPORTANT: Being a member of the Facebook group only does not entitle you to apply for tickets – the Facebook group is merely one of several social media/communications channels and does not represent full membership of the fanclub. - Full registered members may apply for tickets to either one OR both games. - Maximum 2 tickets per game per initial application. (You may express an interest in more than 2 tickets in case eventual availability permits – we will keep a reserve list.) - FULL deposit per ticket paid upfront (amount/date to be confirmed once pricing is known). Includes: cost of ticket (face value of tickets will be confirmed once known). To give an idea, last year we were assigned $160 tickets, for which a payment of £130 was required. - Note: payment of deposit does not guarantee ticket assignment and acceptance of deposit does not constitute a contract to supply tickets. If we can’t get enough tickets the unlucky applicants will receive a full refund. Should demand outstrip supply and we need to prioritise applications, factors such as membership level, sustained board activity and contribution to site funding will be taken into account. All final decisions will be taken by the moderator team. - Once ticket deposits are paid, drop-outs are non-refundable. We will attempt to sell drop-outs but make no guarantee of this OR you can try to sell on to someone from this board. Tickets MAY NOT be re-sold on ebay or any other public auction site or to non-members of this board. Be aware that tickets are only made available to us on gameday at the stadium itself. What to do NOW – initial applications to be received by Friday 15th June. Send PM via UKPatriots to mrs laz, with the following details: a. Number of requested tickets per game (max 2 per game) b. Name c. Home Address d. Telephone number e. Email address f. Payment method: cheque or bank transfer (note – all transfer fees at cost of sender – please add). g. Confirm acceptance of the above Roadtrip Rules mrs laz will PM back to acknowledge application receipt, with the appropriate details for payment following once the ticket pricing has been confirmed. Once payment funds are received, mrs laz will confirm back by PM and your name will be on the initial list. As always, do not book any travel until you have been told you are on the confirmed list. Any questions, feel free to ask!
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    I heard from the Hampton Inn. We will have rooms from 9/29 to 10/5, both singles and doubles. We are getting a discount of 18% to $159/night on singles and 20% to $149/night on doubles. The only thing left is to get the number of rooms needed, which I will estimate based on Mandy's latest list. In case Warren is interested, any rooms not reserved by 9/8 go back to the hotel inventory. Once I get the contract signed, the hotel will set up the reservation info. All reservations are the responsibility of each individual. Sue at the Hampton Inn wants us there. More info to follow.
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    As some of you know, I proposed to my girlfriend over here in America and on 29th September we will be getting married in Salem, MA. This arrangement is perfect, as I don't think I can justify going to the game on Sunday the morning after with guests to entertain! So I will definitely be at the Colts game on the Thursday. Once I get a good idea of who is coming, I will sort out some invites and hope to have some of you with us on the Saturday 29th to celebrate with Kelly and I.
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    When I contacted Sue at the Hampton Inn she was very glad to hear from me on behalf of the UKPatriots Preliminary info from the Hampton Inn. We could only get 13 double rooms (@$159 + tax) and 5 single rooms with a sofa bed (@$149 + tax) for Wednesday and Thursday nights, with the ability to arrive earlier by 10/6/19 and stay later until 10/13/19 for the group rate based on availability. To arrive earlier or stay later please contact the Sales dapartment directly (781-702 5212) or via email to sue.gallogly@hilton.com. Make sure you mention "UKPatriots". Everyone is responsible for their own reservation. I would like to know how many of each room is needed. Please PM me here or email me directly @ husky71@comcast.net Reservations must be made by 9/10/19 or any unused rooms on the contract will be returned to the hotel inventory. I will sign off on the contract by 6/10/19. Once I sign off on the contract, I will receive a direct link for booking the rooms. Don't wait until the last minute to make your reservation.
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    Very quick kind of update on the ticket allocation - we still do not have pricing so cannot collect money to confirm tickets. We are hoping tohave this any day now, so please sit tight and be ready to move once the details come through. We have been confirmed for our usual allocation so if you have applied on here and have received my acknowledgement, you are on our list - just waiting on Pats Front office now for the final piece. Bye for now Mandy
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    as i have told you i dislike TNF. games normally too one sided but ill be there
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    You know you want to...
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    Great trip guys, thanks for all those that organised it. Was good to meet everyone
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    It was an unforgettable trip for me and the missus as first-timers Mandy, thank you very much for all your efforts.
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    Thanks to all who attended for making it another great weekend. See you all next year with the 16th (apparently!) Anniversary Roadtrip :-)
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    CALLING ALL ROADTRIPPERS!! Only 3 weeks now until the first of our two roadtrip games on Sunday 30th September. Here are the gameday arrangements - please pay attention to the timings as you will need to know these to be able to collect your tickets on the day. This is especially important if you are going directly to the game and not travelling as part of the group from the hotel. We are delighted to be tailgating again with the legendary Tailgater2000 group - these guys are brilliant fun and provide a splendid pre/post-game get-together. Note: you will need to make a contribution to the tailgate on the day if you are taking advantage of their food/drinks. Their tailgate takes place in parking lot P10 which is directly across the road from the stadium itself. The actual pole number will be posted closer to the time as it sometimes changes. Sunday 30th September (vs Miami): 0830 - Leave gameday hotel in car group 0900 - Reach stadium, start tailgating! 1130 - LATEST TIME TO PICK UP TICKETS FROM TAILGATE 1300 - game starts Thursday 4th October (vs Indy): 1530 - Leave gameday hotel in car group 1600 - Reach stadium, start tailgating! 1830 - LATEST TIME TO PICK UP TICKETS FROM TAILGATE 2000 - game starts What to do now: Swindon Patriot (Mark) is co-ordinating car arrangements from the hotel. Please comment here to confirm if you are travelling from the hotel and need a car place OR if you are travelling directly to the game and meeting at the tailgate. Look out for a PM to confirm your mobile phone number in case we need to contact you during the trip. As usual, any questions - shout up!
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    tailgate details for Miami game: parking lot p10 pole 5207. look for the tailgate2000 bus.
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    Matt Light's HOF induction is on the 29th at 4pm at Patriot Place
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    Mark has described things perfectly. Our friend Paul (bruschifan) will bring along some Sam Adams which is covered under your game ticket - but the rest of tailgate offerings need a contribution. There are cash cans on the tables to put your contribution into so please go ahead and do that on the day itself. The tailgate is organized by Tailgate2000 group and they are a LOT of fun. It's a fantastic opportunity to experience a proper tailgate and mix with a lot of different Pats fans. The tailgate itself is held in Parking lot P10 - which is just across the road from the stadium. I don't have the specific pole number yet (the poles are the way to orientate yourselves and get to the right place in a big space!) but that will be confirmed before the games so keep an eye open! Another polite reminder that if you are coming in independently (via Rally Buss or other means) you MUST come and find us to collect your tickets - at least 1.30hrs before gametime.
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    Not to say this is in any way the official amount but my bro and I put in $30 each to the tailgate contributions pot
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    We now tailgate with another large tailgating crew. This is partly why we all try and meet at the RT hotel in morning and travel in convoy to the stadium to ensure that we are all together. The parking lots at Gillette are huge and spread all around the stadium and Patriot Place. I believe that the ticket you have bought includes a contribution towards drinks, but you will need to make a cash contribution towards the food (of which there will be plenty). Tailgating also continues after the game to allow a lot of the traffic to clear before we leave the parking lots.
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    Yes - you will be asked to meet at a specific organized tailgate before the game to collect your ticket. You will need to be there at least 2 hours before gametime. More details to follow closer to the time.
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    normally meet at the hotel at 8am and leave to get into the parking lots for the 9am opening good luck getting into a bar near the ground. remember the ground isnt in boston so its very isolated in some way. in some ways the tailgate is as good as the game in my view. miss the tailgate for a football your miss out on a major part of going to an NFL game
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    Tickets paid for. Flights booked. Out Sat 29th, back Friday 5th overnight into Gatwick.
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    I'm all booked. Flying in on Thursday arriving late afternoon, booked in the Norwood hotel on Saturday and Sunday. Flying home Monday 10pm. Looking forward to meeting you guys.
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    A geeky quote of a deliberately geeky misquote. You win.
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    Week 1 application update: Dolphins game: 12 Colts game: 16 Board name Date Miami game Colts game papalazarou 14-May 1 1 mrs laz 14-May 1 1 Dermo 15-May 0 1 Dougie1737 15-May 0 2 Darius 17-May 1 2 Damien 17-May 0 1 Swindon Patriot 17-May 1 1 Yabba's turd 17-May 2 2 Carl 03 18-May 1 1 Sarley 73 18-May 0 2 Phil D 19-May 1 1 Deadly 36 19-May 2 0 David Cormack 22-May 1 0 GlasgowPat 23-May 1 1
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    Great work as normal can fly sat and out in Fri on norwigian air for 318 that is so so cheap
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    Thanks Mandy and co for pulling together such a great 2018 trip! Hopefully I can get an application in this year ? *** Red Sox vs Yankees @ Fenway 28th & 29th September*** Might be a tough ticket to get hold of though ?
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    Fantastic! It just keeps getting better year on year. Definitely in for both games.
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    Looking forward to my first Super Bowl Party and catching up with folks from the Wembley and Road Trip games. See you in a couple of weeks and thanks to Mark for organising!
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    I’ll be there again. Thanks for arranging this for us all.
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    martyn the might wealdstone are due to be home that day if you wanna join me fir some real football
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    We're on the 09.30 bus from Huntington Ave as well? ☺
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    Yes - everyone will be asked to put in a donation - will confirm the suggested amount soon, as well as the precise meeting location in P10.
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    Classic Motherwell. Trolling you a belter.
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    Can anyone tell me if BT Sport will work in America, my gamepass seemed to be ok last year if I used the 4G? My fitba team only went and got to a cup final on the day we play Miami, Kick off will be 10.00am Eastern, hoping to watch the game while tailgating and having a double celebration.
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    Steve .. I sent you invites by text and FB months ago Thought you were ignoring me . Hope you can come. Me, Paul and Ian are there. I think Chris is too. I have a sneaky feeling Wazza might be planning to fly out .. he keeps asking about our flights and rooms .. but he's not admitting anything yet. Still hoping to twist Jamie's arm. I have a few rooms on hold with free cancellation, so there is space to join us.
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    This could become an annual team building exercise. Prizes for the most entertaining idea of getting Jonas across the highway; but only for the return trip after much alcohol consumed. What could possibly go wrong?! ROTFLMAO The wife is on the fence (pun intended), she think it might get out of hand...
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