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  1. FF Contract Lg 2010

    I can't do next Friday...
  2. FF Contract Lg 2010

    5th May? Fine by me if I can borrow your spare time machine?
  3. Spare Ticket At Bodeans

    I wish I could make it Gutted, normally I'd have bitten your hands off.
  4. International 2010

  5. Register For 2010 Wembley Games Now

    In the style of Rafa Benitez, a fact: FACT: Pats will not be playing in London again. That is all
  6. Hey - We're In The Programme

  7. Hey - We're In The Programme

    Cheers Mandy! See below
  8. Ukpatriots @ Bucpower 'alan Newcombe' Flag Football Tournament

    Bit harsh mate - most of them are probably OK...
  9. Ukpatriots @ Bucpower 'alan Newcombe' Flag Football Tournament

    That's good to know. I could've sworn that Damien and Bucpower Ian were the ones that put in all the leg work... http://www2.tbo.com/content/2009/oct/24/fo.../news-breaking/
  10. Hey - We're In The Programme

    Graham, any chance you can scan it and post it on here? I've still not managed to get a copy!
  11. After The Game?

    To be honest, there's ALWAYS that possibility. I just wouldn't have been sober enough to remember!
  12. After The Game?

    I'm going to be heading back to a venue in Central London after my post-game adventure last year! This adventure included: * Getting drunk in Wembley, and staying in a pub 'til silly o'clock * Missing last train back to Central London * Taking a combination of night buses to Central London * Missing 1am train home to Brighton * Going to a casino in Leicester Square and drinking 'til 5am * Getting a 6am train from which I was meant to change to get home to Brighton * Waking up somewhere near Eastbourne, waaaaay past the intended changing point * Phoning into work "sick" Needless to say, I've taken Monday off work this year
  13. Tailgate

    You won't be missing anything major at the official "tailgate". Come along to the GBTP as Kirk suggests - will be much more fun, and it's the UKPatriots "official" pre-game hang out!
  14. The "yes I've Got Them" Thread

    Postie brought the tickets today