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  1. Gameday Questions

    Ditto what Mark just said sitting in traffic to get back to bean town is unreal
  2. I would hire a car for a couple of days drive to the game and also use it the other day to visit the outlets at wrentham. Another must do in Boston is the trolley tour, you,lol find out all about Boston and can get on and off at different interesting places.
  3. Hanging THAT calendar up would bring bad luck in my house whatever time of year I hung it up! :lol: Me to SS in fact the calender would be in the bin and i'd be hung up there myself :lol:
  4. Massive Thank You

    Totally amazing weekend was so glad to finally meet alot of you,the work you guys put in on organising etc is more appreciated than you know and once again big thanx. As for the game what a great result,the new Gronk song was at first hard to believe but everyone around the wife and me were in stitches,only thing i can imagine will top it is a RT. Hi to Bognor Pat who i spent most the party night with and i think he swept up all the bloody raffle prizes :lol: .Great weekend
  5. Patriots Pre Game Party

    :lol: Proper wind up James had me falling for it
  6. Patriots Pre Game Party

    Shame on you all i'm busting to know but sitting quiet as told :lol:
  7. Wembley 2012 Ticket Applications

    Shame on you people dropping out after all the hard work put in by SS
  8. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    Glad you noticed the joke Damien and i'm only jealous :lol: :lol: yes secret swan its another joke never upset anyone on purpose mate
  9. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    Excuse me you 2 can we keep this as a football site as its not an online dating place,thank you
  10. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    Ade i'm waiting patiently for the announcement like a good Pat had to get tickets on my own efforts as missed the UKpats tickets last time but won't this time. As said many times Ade great work much appreciated.
  11. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    Hi Mrs Laz,firstly my wife shares such a beautiful name as you(Mandy) not surname and want you to know how much i'm getting to like Man City
  12. Need to know if anyone is going to be in Downtown Boston 2 weeks b4 we play the Bills on NYD reason being i've got my match tickets but need to get the Patriots train tickets as once they've sold out i don't know how i'll get there,any help or idea's would be great. You can't buy them online which is a pain HELP
  13. Need Some Help

    Cheers James for the info i've also had a pm from Husky about meeting up,thats what i like about this site you feel you know everyone personally
  14. Need Some Help

    I get there on 29 Dec gives me time to get a car if the trains sold out eh do appreciate the help guys
  15. Need Some Help

    Done the train last time i went its a patriots special,with the car do you have to book parking at stadium or is there somewhere else to park?
  16. Truely fantastic evening and massive well done to you all that made it happen,thanx again
  17. Mug-shots

    Thought that was your actual mug shot Lobo and that you just had a lot of facial hair
  18. Saturday Night @ Sports Cafe

    Confirmation i got tickets today wooooooo what a great wkend ahead,looking forward to meeting fellow UKPats but apart from a few faces on here how will we know each other or is this a stupid question
  19. Chants...

    Now that is good and defo gotta be sung
  20. Sounds like one hell of a bash and not one to miss,James me boyo i've sent you a pm get back to me when you get 5 mins, ta
  21. UKPats Wembley Seats

    Just to mention i have a spare tickret for the game but its not in with you guys as i joined shortly after the ticket application went in.If anyone is in need of a ticket they'll have to mingle in with me and 4 members of my family but we're an ok bunch ha ha.Any takers need to pm me oh and yes i have got the tickets now in my possesion
  22. I have a spare ticket for sale as someone can't go with me and my little group,its not in with our fans forum unfortunatly but then again we'll be there in our pats gear. Ticket is the value i paid for it £67.50 and it'll be first come 1st served. Anyone interested just send me a PM
  23. Wembley V Buccs

    I could have a spare ticket going for the big game in October and i'll know for defo on friday,if anyone would like it for face value £67.50 then it'll be first to ask will get,i'd rather give somone on our forum 1st refusal
  24. Wembley Seating

    The way us Pats fans are appearing on this site the game could turn into more like a home game for the boys