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  1. ronjon

    Gameday arrangements

    Have a great time guys and ffs bring back the 2 Ws
  2. ronjon

    Roadtrip 2017 - Poll closed

    That would be a lovely idea - Thanksgiving UKPats style. We have a splendid Indian restaurant at the top of the road where we stay that does a rather fab turkey curry :-) So looks like your hoping for the fins game then mrs laz and all for a turkey curry haaaa
  3. ronjon

    Roadtrip 2017 - Poll closed

    Got to be cheaper and easier for you to do that at Brent Cross Shopping in the sun SP do it every year it's totally amazing mate, plus was hoping our game at Bucs was gonna fall them weeks but s#*t it didn't happen lol
  4. ronjon

    Roadtrip 2017 - Poll closed

    Got to be Texans for me as I'm in Orlando for Christmas shopping 18th-30th November
  5. ronjon

    2017 Road Trip

    Just offered Christmas & New Year in Boston to the wife and so far she's not snapping my hand off (but hasn't said no either) Perhaps me and you should go then if the wives don't want to go haaaa
  6. ronjon

    2017 Road Trip

    Offered to take the wife for a trip to Boston ov er new year and she doesn't want to go, oh well a road trip for me is now the answer so I'll be voting once the pole comes about
  7. ronjon

    UK Patriots 2017 Superbowl Party (Fully Booked Up)

    Oh lads and lasses what a rollercoaster evening you've had hope you had an amazing night woooooo
  8. Think we better ban the RT someone is bad luck :-( lol
  9. Have a fantastic time all and big W always welcome
  10. ronjon

    Thoughts on RT 2015

    Reading these posts I think one of the most important things have come across to not only newbies but any UKPat members, if you misbehave or step out of line your gone and if you want to be part of this great forum just have a great time and don't act like an idiot. In saying that if I'm fortunate to make next years trip any sort of meet up a night or two before the game sounds good to me.
  11. All you great UKPats have a great time and bring home a Big welcome W :-)
  12. Watching this thread I'm really gutted not to be coming but my thanksgiving week in orlando was already booked so it'll have to be next Year for me :-(
  13. we normally pool together to get to hotel in norwood and then down to the stadium on match day. that will all be talked about closer to the event when we all know where people are staying etc as game is a late one i might stay in boston and drive in and out on the day via the assigned meeting point If you drive in from Boston Warren allow plenty of time me and the wife done it for the Raiders game last year, left early to go no problem but getting back wat a nightmare go for something to eat or something mate.
  14. u mean mean danny dont you and i thought u hated me Are you looking for some love Warren lol, shouldn't think there's any hate on this place, disagreements but no hate :-)
  15. ronjon

    London meetup for Packers game Nov 30th

    I can't make it am in orlando for thanksgiving, shopping and going to see Buccs v Bengals will I be safe in my Gronk shirt :-)
  16. Great result tonight against a tough defense and really pleased for you guys out there hope you all had a cracking time and safe journeys home all
  17. Hey guys have a cracking time and make yourselves visable as we're the 1st game on sky, no streaking though :lol: bring back the W please
  18. Looks like a good contingent of UKPATS on show yet again
  19. Don't like the sound of any of it cause I wont be going :lol:
  20. ronjon

    Roadtrip Game: please vote by 21st May!

    One thing seems odd how so many votes yet not as many people have mentioned why their prefers choice, papa Laz said vote only if You intend on going guys.
  21. ronjon

    Roadtrip Game: please vote by 21st May!

    Looks like the lions oh we'll ace tickets here I come, have a good time guys
  22. ronjon

    Roadtrip Game: please vote by 21st May!

    It's the Raiders for me Papa Laz I'm out there from the 18th already booked