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  1. Patsfanuk... I'm staying at the Hilton on Lakeside Way so not far from the Green Man. What's the best way to get up there after the pre game party? I was thinking Picadilly Circus UG to Wembley Park UG? Do you know of a better route? Thanks!
  2. Couln't post in the Wembley 2012 section of forum so thought I'd ask here. Is anyone else going to the NFL Fan Forum (aka Question & Answer session) with Roger Goodell on the day before the game? Me and the missus have been invited, been told to wear jerseys so look out for the BRADY / BRANCH combo! Think they arrange transport to the fan rally. Never been to the fan rally before. Is it worth going?
  3. Guys, I applied to this but then realised it was it was this coming Wednesday and I'm working on a project in Birmingham next week.... I assume confirmation is sent via email. If I do somehow get allocated some then does anyone want them off me? Will post on this thread if i do get hold of some. Gutted because I really would have travelled down to be part of this!
  4. You're in a great hotel there. I've stayed a couple of times in the Park Lane on Business. Good central location to get to everywhere and tube station near by and if you're lucky you'll have views over the park! When did you book? When I looked there were only suites available which aren't in my budget!
  5. also socal bong I've used www.lastminute.com before, they do these 'secret hotels' where you get a better rate as you supposedly don't know which hotel it will be. However people decipher the hotel descriptions and tell you which hotel it is on this thread: http://forums.moneys...ad.php?t=536015 In regards to the tours you can always speak to the hotel when you arrive as they might have some recommendations or even know the best rates for ones you have your heart set on. Most hotels will even have a table or display with various attractions and tours leaflets. Due to the frequency and amount of tours on offer you shouldn't struggle to keep entertained.
  6. Spot of cricket you say? Count me in...and for anything else!
  7. Apolgies been away for a bit! Will PM you mate
  8. I've just booked myself and the girlfriend in at the Hilton Wembley (this is the new one I'm not even sure if it's built and on schedule??) They've just started taking bookings now and I think they are going to open on the 1st October. So I'm booked in there Saturday to Monday. Managed to find a code that gives 40% off and include the breakfast buffet for both guests. £89 a night will do me just fine. Non refundable incase anyone was wondering. Anyone got any news on that hotel? I work in construction and know all too well that practical completion is not always when it should be
  9. Staying up for the long weekend...not sure whether to get near wembley and travel into the city or stay in the city and travel to wembley. Guessing its around 30 mins on the tube or bus from say Marble Arch end of Oxfor street? Annoying because I saw Hilton Wembley @ £55 a triple room on my companies rates! All gone now!
  10. My friend was saying he logged into ticketmaster at 13:57 and they were already on sale!?
  11. My mate has just secured 8 tickets in Block 123 on ticketmaster some how! What block are the UK Patriots going to be in do we know yet?
  12. Cheers mate, I did have a look and saw a seating plan from the saints chargers game which had the saints lined up along the top North Sideline because I think that was there home game? Beggers can't be chooser right? I'd be happy with any lower level seats and if that fails can keep fingers crossed there are some club seats. As said would like some decent photos from the day! The extra money for a good seat is cheaper than a larger lens for my camera! Also what is the max allocation on ticketmaster for seats? there are 8 of us after seats...hopefully together or near one another!
  13. Hey all, which blocks are behing the patriots sideline? I've not seen which side of the field the teams will be lined up? Wanting to get tickets behind the pats! Also which block is the patriots tunnel in front of? Wanted to get some good photos this game! Thanks!
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