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  1. Will this sell out anytime soon? May decide to come but tie it in with meeting family out there but would need to arrange all that before buying a ticket
  2. I like to feel my Jones one I brought a few weeks ago is a safe bet
  3. You should get travel insurance no matter where you go really
  4. You get a leaflet with that on explaining the bags you can and cant take when you get the International Game tickets
  5. But are they as good as Pete Schweddys balls?
  6. Tommo - I Agree - nuff said haha correct: you are not the only one Nice to see people with taste
  7. Cupcakes

    Tbf they where very nice cupcakes
  8. I cant surly be the only one who thinks Alexandria is the best
  9. Massive Thank You

    New England Patriots ‏@Patriots Big shout out to the @UKPatriots fan group - great hosts in London & hardcore Pats fans! Fun video from Saturday: http://on.fb.me/PjybQ0
  10. UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    Damn would have loved to have seen this. Nice work Judy :L
  11. I hope you're not supersticious Tommo, but hanging a calendar up early brings bad luck. Might be an idea to save it for January. Now, keeping them up at the end of the year, well that's fine, trouble is, I seem to be running out of wall space But the front cover is just too good to take it down :L I like waking up and seeing it next to my bed with the poster
  12. Massive Thank You

    Great pic you got there :L I agree with Jay
  13. UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    Missed the woman trying to steal a flag
  14. NFL Fan Rally - Saturday 27th October

    What were the Bills doing there?! They where there to promote new era. Think they was at the store few days before
  15. Had to change my laptop wallpaper to Alexandria she was so nice. Even got the calendar up alread because she's on the front :L. Any else see jäger women from green man with the fake tits too?