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  1. I like to feel my Jones one I brought a few weeks ago is a safe bet
  2. I wont be tomorrow as I am off to White Hart Lane to see Chelsea-Spurs
  3. They sold merch on both the Saturday and Sunday last year but will likely to be merch for teams playing then 1 hat and jersey for other teams
  4. Is there anything happening before the games this year does anyone know? Like last year they had they thing by the stadium
  5. You should get travel insurance no matter where you go really
  6. You get a leaflet with that on explaining the bags you can and cant take when you get the International Game tickets
  7. May see you there. Going to both games and actually managed to get 3 friends to come along this time rather then on my own
  8. Did anyone happen to sit in the upper sideline last year? Going with a mate this year and doing the tie games and he wants to do the £72 ones which are upper sideline and was wondering what the views like from it
  9. Tommo - I Agree - nuff said haha correct: you are not the only one Nice to see people with taste
  10. Tommo


    Tbf they where very nice cupcakes
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