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  1. I must still be suffering jet lag and our daylight savings time. I didn't see this thread earlier. I posted the same sentiments in another thread. Short version. Job well done by a great bunch of people. Thanks to all
  2. I wanted to thank everyone involved in the planning and organizing for last weekend. Since I don't know al of the members of the P&O committee I would like to thank Ade, James and Damien for all of the hard work you did and to all others on the committee, you did yourselves proud. The weekend was a total success (thanks for arranging for the Pats to win big time , I still don't know how you were able to pull that off but job well done). To Dave, I understand the pub tour was a success too and I apologize that we didn't make it to the other side of the Thames on Friday. We had a wonderful 11 days in London, and will always remember the Patriot's weekend. UkPatriots went above and beyond to make that weekend special for your cousins from across the pond and if there is any way I can help make your next Foxboro road trip as memorable I'd like to be able to reciprocate. Everyone we met from the UKPatriots were friendly and out for a good time. Thanks again to UKPatriots.
  3. Thanks Damien for organizing the Wembley tour. It was great.
  4. Yes, I did see that you and your wife had attended in 2009. My wife stayed home for that one, but my kids (all near the age of 30) attended the 2009 game with me. Did your wife enjoy London?
  5. Thanks Sanj, see you then Husky, we stopped by the Rebook factory outlet store in Avon yesterday and she found a blue Gronk replica game shirt that fit her for $20. There were more than few youth shirts on the rack for all the favorite players, Brady, Gronk, Welker. Pickings were slim in the adult section, though there looked to be plenty of Moss shirts.
  6. and I don't care how he does it, with either the hurry-up or from the pocket but a five or six touchdown pass day from Brady would make me feel better going into the bye week.
  7. Yes, tonight from Logan. My wife and I decided to wrap a full vacation around the game. 10 days in London including a few side trips.
  8. I checked the long range last week and the game day weather prediction was 60% chance of rain. Now it's zero chance of rain, sunny but a high of 45 F. So, it's just like New England. Pack for everything including blood rain.
  9. Thanks Sanj, I appreciate it. I could be a wise ass and ask if the handbags for men would be ok too, but I won't. Wheels up from Boston in less than 24 hours.
  10. Sanj do you know if #2 will apply on game day also. I thought I read somewhere on this site (and I can't find the posting now) that daypacks were not allowed on game day.
  11. Thanks Ted for going to the website and doing the dry run for us and your suggestion for food is a great idea. Can you recommend a place to grab something to eat. Do you know how the food is at the Mayflower? Don't worrry if you don't know. It'll be a good opportunity to check out the area before the crawl.
  12. Ted, these are great directions and it could almost be a self-guided tour. The link has some great hints for walks, the Ripper walk looks interesting also. Ted, for those going on the Wembley tour, will there be enough time for the stadium tour, and then to get from Wembley to Rotherhithe and the Mayflower by 2:00? No chance we'll be pressed into service in the Town of Ramsgate pub? Thanks again, the link is very helpful.
  13. Thanks Paul I seem to recall (from 2009) that it took well over 30 minutes to get from the stadium to actually sitting or standing on the train back into London in 2009 and that everyone was sort of funneled down that Wembley walkway to the tube station. Not being familiar with area, I didn't feel like exploring at that hour. I'll just plan on the tube for now.
  14. Sanj, thatnks for the info. When you come to Boston, I'll return the favor And we are staying in Fitzrovia. I didn't know there were two types of Oyster cards, one for locals and one for visitors. I know there was money on one of them, I guess I'll find out if I can use it when we get there.
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