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    Following the Pats/Disliking the Jets, Notts County FC, Nottingham Panthers IHC, Red Sox, Being in a band, Playing lots of instruments, Animal rights, Veggie Hot-Dogs at the Gillette!
  1. I have to say, I thought this was just incredibly immense and awe-inspring. Once a lifetime to see such greats up on stage 20 yards away, an incredible event. A chap I spoke to from Rhode Island said he had never really seem the team do anything like that before.
  2. I didn't know who was who, who were the nice chaps issuing the tickets at 2pm on Saturday? Again folks, thank you for all you do.
  3. Thank you so much folks. As a long-time Patriots fan but newcomer to UKPats I was delighted with what I saw at the weekend, the party was incredible and the passion showed by the fans was superb. You lot at UKPats put a massive amount of effort in for us, the fans. Didn't get to talk to many people at the party at it was so loud (not a bad thing) and my highlight was meeting Brian Lowe! A shame I didn't get to know many other UKPats fans. If anyone wants to add me on Facebook I talk an enormous amount of Patriots stuff.. http://www.facebook.com/markrolfe1975 Thanks again folks, Mark
  4. Hernandez interviews make me crack-up! He reminds me of an Adam Sandler character, especially when eating a bucket load of chicken-wings. Is their official confirmation Mr Brady will not be attending?
  5. Forecast seems to be diminishing slowly towards the weekend, I've always thought Pats matches should be a winter experience. Do excited to see the team I love for the 3rd time in 27 years! I hate being a victim of Geography.
  6. Here's an annoying have I missed something type post but.. Have we any actual confirmation on which NEP representatives would be around and on stage?
  7. Get in! A huge luxury and honour to see the team I love twice in a year!!
  8. Tell you what, that snowgame in Foxboro mid October (possibly the last game before their 09 IS series?) with the Pats in Red and the Titans in the godly Houston Oilers kit was a beautiful sight of NFL kitage.
  9. Just watching the Patriots Today footage of last time the boys where here in 09. I see the party got Brian Lowe there, can we have Jackie Britten this year instead, of better still, bring back Lindsay!
  10. I want to thank you lot so much for making this happen. To think I have supported the pats for nearly 30 years and had no idea such a group of people existed or cared about uniting fans accross the UK and further and most importantly, providing us with an experience closer to home to enable us to get closer to the team we all love. I sometimes find being a fan over here definately is a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder. Are you going to announce the special guests when you have confirmation or just suprise us on the night?
  11. Those orange Bucs shirts were fab. My favourite kit besides the pats was always the oilers though.
  12. I guess it's a nostalgia thing for me, as a little boy in the 80s that retro kit was everything! Like others said at monarchs or American bowl games it was rarely rare to see a pats shirt and you when did it was special.
  13. I'd love to see the team play in their throwback Jerseys, that is a real dream. Sadly I was too young to organise my own independent travel in the pat the patriot days, In the 80s and late 90s I relied on family trips to Flordia and always ended up seeing the Bucs (my second favourite).
  14. When I was in Foxboro in the summer there were a lot of very cheap 2011/2012 85 shirts. Out of the current team I have 12,39 and 83 shirt. Wouldn't mind picking up a 81 in London.
  15. Without wishing to sound like a big girl, and I'm going to sound like a big girl, am I the only one who is already thinking what to wear for the game? We are so fortunate to have them back in the UK and this will only be my third time seeing the team I've followed since Superbowl XX and I'm so excited. Everytime I go to a Pats game I have a choice of around 30 or so shirts to wear. I think I'm narrowing it down to my first ever Pats Jersey which is a 1985 Grogon in Red or my current favourite which is Woodhead throwback. Maybe I'll have a costume change each period. Love, Big Girl
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