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  1. Anybody going? I'm considering driving over from Detroit, will probably decide tomorrow evening depending on the weather forecast.
  2. Around what time are single-game tickets usually sold on ticketmaster? And can anyone buy those tickets as I read on the Patriots page that they are only sold to season-ticket wait list members?
  3. UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    A big praise to all the guys who organized everything last weekend. I had a great time in London, especially the party was awesome! Thank you very much and I hope to meet all the great fans again who were there!
  4. OMG

    Holy s***, my flight is in three hours, I'm so freakin' excited :-)
  5. UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    Anyone gonna stay at the party for the World Series?
  6. UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    Looks awesome, thanks a lot for the work!
  7. UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    Count me in for 1 Large, thanks!
  8. After the pre-game party.....

    Definitely joining in!
  9. Moved posts from the party FAQ

    Same issue here.....thanks a lot for all the organizing and planning!
  10. Patriots Pre Game Party

    The reason why quite some people probably won't get any tickets for the pregame party is that they're from overseas or other parts of Europe and just haven't been involved in the UK fanbase so far. As those probably don't really know their way around, it might be a good idea if someone who knows London just names a good pub and time in the area of the official party for an alternete gathering for those who don't get tickets. Thanks a lot, would be nice to meet some fans pre-game!
  11. Patriots Pre Game Party

    I agree. I am traveling with 3 friends for this. I know I haven't been on here long and understand I may qualify for only 1 ticket. If not then lets get a second group together and hang out. Perhaps us american patriots fans if we don't get it can be shown a great time by some locals. Sounds great, I'd also be very interested in that!
  12. UKPatriots Pub Tour

    I'd be interested to join. Plane doesn't arrive until 5p.m. though so I'd catch up later after checking in at the hotel. Would be great to maybe get a rough outline when you'll be in which pub in advance if that was possible. Thanks a lot