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    Boston (originally Liverpool)
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    Pats fan since early 90s as a kid, hardcore fan since 07. Wembley game regular, big Boston sports fan and fan of Tranmere Rovers! Moved to Boston in 2013.

    Favourite ever player : Brady, Bruschi, Brown, Drew. Current player : Gronk
    Best Pats moment : Moss one handed catch against Revis. Worst Pats moment : 4th and 2, Tyree/Manningham catches
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  2. NFL Fan Forum - Wembley 2012

    Application to NFL uk a few weeks before
  3. NFL Fan Forum - Wembley 2012

    I went to the fan forum last year and it was a decently organised event got to have a brief one on one word with Goodell, The Bus and Alister Kirkwood after too. They put everyone on a bus (with the cheerleaders last year) to the fan rally. Fan rally is good but this year having some Pats on stage will make it can't miss
  4. Patriots Pre Game Party

    Pray! and calm down, calm down and take a chill pill Ha, don't worry I'm calm! Would love to go the party but it's all about the game so not worried! I may wait outside to stalk Fred Kirsch though!!
  5. Patriots Pre Game Party

    Just to clarify, at the final steps of the priority (I.e the quiet members) do mass e-mails go out or is there anything to do?
  6. Patriots Pre Game Party

    Keep me updated with suggestions of good nearby pubs guys!
  7. UKPatriots Flag Football Official Enquiries

    Interested Pats fan from Liverpool, I'll look out fir details and will decide based on day/tine