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  1. Italian Stallion

    After the pre-game party.....

    We just saw Morrissey in NY City Wednesday night... Muse does a great cover of please, please let me get what I want...
  2. Italian Stallion

    After the pre-game party.....

    we will for sure stick around after... glad to hear the party does not have an expiration date so to speak!!!
  3. Italian Stallion

    UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    James - Thanks so much! We would like two please. One 3XL and One large. Rich
  4. Italian Stallion

    After the pre-game party.....

    Great idea, but can you start a new thread for it please? Unfortunately I am unable to start a new topic
  5. Italian Stallion

    After the pre-game party.....

    Not sure if this has been discussed anywhere but are folks doing anything after the party ends at 10?
  6. Italian Stallion

    Moved posts from the party FAQ

    Just wanted to pass along my thanks and appreciation for all the hard work as well. Been trying not to add to the tsunami of requests and let you do what you need to do (although I am hoping for a pair . And thank goodness you are not Ticketmaster or we'd all be dealing with Brokers!!
  7. Italian Stallion

    Patriots At Wembley 2012

    Should you do as suggested try not to get arrested. The irony may be lost on your cellmates!!
  8. Italian Stallion

    Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    Hey Guys, Can't believe this is almost finally here!!!! We (me and my buddy) arrive Friday AM and will be staying at the St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel. Close to the Cafe and the Square. Hope to meet as many of you as possible. See you soon, Rich
  9. Italian Stallion

    Patriots Pre Game Party

    Thanks Adrian & James I appreciate the kind reminder as well. Hope to meet you and many of the other members while we are there Cheers, Rich
  10. Italian Stallion

    Patriots Pre Game Party

    This is important for people to note. There is limit on tickets available, and we will have to implement a priority system. After Gameday ticket holders, the priority will be based upon membership activity (number of posts and participation in previous UKP social events), and duration of membership. This won't suit everybody, but it's the only way we can do it. Any chance for those of us from "across the pond" who are flying in for the game but got our game tickets via Ticketmaster? Thanks, Rich