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  1. Kinty


    I'm not probably going to spend as much as a lot of others will, but considering I am in the midst of saving up for my wedding in the USA in August, with hotel, travel, etc. it's quite a bit out of my 'disposable income'!
  2. Me too!! Can't wait! I'd given up any hope and we had arranged a different Saturday night, so this just feels even better now!!
  3. We are staying at the Mercure in Paddington. I'm not too familiar with London myself so have no idea where things are, but my Uncle who we are going with works in London a lot, so I'm sure he'll know where all of the places to go are!
  4. Cool. Apologies for being short in my response. Didn't realise you meant Patriots related events. Looks like it's all sorted now. Just to note that the party will finish at 9.30pm and the doors will be opened to the public. I'd imagine most people will be hanging around for a while. No problem, maybe we'll head over to the sports cafe at 9:30, hopefully we'll get in. Cheers
  5. So, does anybody know where other pats fans will be congregating on the Saturday night that weren't successful with their application? We just want to go to the places where football fans will be, rather than blindly searching London for other likeminded people! Any help appreciated, cheers.
  6. I wasn't using the term in a derogatory way, just saying I hadn't managed to get tickets. Also, when I asked the question, I meant places to go Patriots related, not just in general. Thanks for your help though....
  7. Does anybody know where people can go if they have been knocked back on applications to the pre-game party, as I received an e-mail saying it is all sold out now?
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