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  1. Massive Thank You

    Just adding to what everyone else has said really. Brilliant weekend as always, seeing Danny, Markus and the other Liverpool fans go mental only to have the goal ruled out was a nice bonus. The pre-game party was a blast. Roll on Superbowl and Road-trip next year
  2. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    Marlyebone travellodge Sat and Sunday night. Roll on next week
  3. Ticket Updates

    Getting close now =D
  4. Ga Tickets Go On Sale At 10:00 On Thursday

    I suspect tickets have been delayed due to Rams stadium owners wanting a bigger payoff. Theres no way that the NFL/NFLUK won't let this game go on now. Would be a PR disaster
  5. Wembley 2012 Ticket Applications

    Hey Ade. I've put down for upper tickets but will probably want the £50 ones ideally (need to save money for Dublin etc), is this an issue at all?
  6. Sweet. I'm still up for this one (just working out the pennies)
  7. 2012 International Series - Gbtp / Green Man

    Will be attending yet again this year at some point. Had a great time there with James and Damo last year before the Bears game. There was decent beers and great Chilli burgers =D (plus was a great place to meet up with some of the UK NFL twitter peeps.
  8. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    According to Neil Reynolds Wembley tickets go on general sale before the superbowl. [/url]
  9. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    Probably Marylebone Travellodge. A couple of mates who i've slowly been grooming into NFL and Patriot fans are interested in coming and we're probably make a weekend of it.
  10. Wembley 2012 Tickets

    Nice . As always thanks to everyone spending there only free time sorting out these events for us. Hopefully this will be my 5th (or 6th) UK Pats event
  11. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    Love it. Road Trip (hopefully) & Wembley. Can never get enough Patriots in one season
  12. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    I'm more in the boat of Road Trip is the Priority for me this year and will do one of either Wembley or Dublin. If Patriots come to Wembley it will be Road Trip & Wembley. If not Road Trip and Dublin will be the way to go
  13. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    Rumour on twitter is that it will be Rams giving up a home game and it will be agianst either Patriots or Jets. Please let it be Patriots as the chance to see them twice in one season would be fantastic =D
  14. International 2010

    Couldn't get tickets, due to lack of funds at the moment if more go on sale later this year then hopefully. Still road trip is priority this year
  15. International 2010

    Anyone here going to 49'ers/Bronco's?