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  1. I went with the Eagles game as my first pick as I'd love my first game to be a festive pick! I'll go with Buffalo as my 2nd pick
  2. My first Pats game without Brady being there.... That would suck
  3. I'm still keeping posted! I've been waiting for a chance to come on the road trip with you guys for a couple of years now haha!
  4. I want this year to FINALLY be my year for a game! I will keep posted Mrs Laz:)
  5. 50 minutes to go!!!!!!

  6. Ever considered the Hipppdrome in leceister square? They play every NFL game, they have good wings, £10 pitchers and best of all loads on NFL fans flock there to watch there team! After Wembley it was packed! No doubt they will have something on for the playoffs! I'd be well keen for a meet up there for a playoff game!
  7. I agree I think fans that hasve just got into the sport or dont have a strong passion or reason to support one team through and through follow the sport and the movement. i compare to moto gp in that sense. I mean there are some die hard Rossi fans that will follow him whatever team he rides for, There is team followers that will simply follow say Ducati or Honda regardless of t he riders that season. Then last of all there is British fans that tend to clump together and support/buy a little bit or merch to support for instance this year Cal Crutchlow. They still have Rossi flags and Lorenzo T-shirts on but will have a little bit or Crutchlow somewhere!
  8. this talk makes me so jealous i hope i can join you all next season! thats my aim!
  9. do they have only one game playing, or a couple? i was hoping to come down this weekend for the Falcons game? well was intending going too hippodrome?
  10. well im on for going down on the 6th for the Bengals game! if we can get a list together for whos on for it?
  11. well if you let me know we could possibly meet up there, and if anyone else is up for it!
  12. just had a look on the calender and they dont have anything scheduled, but do have something about it :S would be cool to catch a game there but says nothing about what games they are showing
  13. No dount that jersey will be Brady! thanks
  14. When the games are on do they have any stalls or pop up shops that sell merch? if so are they any good?
  15. That would be awesome! Keep us posted as ill defiantly be on for that!
  16. Just wondering if there will be or if any of you guys are interested in possible game day meets? ive come across it before, would be really cool to catch some games with you guys and meet some of you!
  17. Last day off from work after chilling in Egypt for the past week!

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