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  1. Sorry it ends up I have to work in Scotland that weekend but have a good time lads. Best bet scenario for me is the Hard Rock Café in Manchester lol. So what is your prediction for the game? I think our improved defence and the fact that we won't choke like Denver did against Seattle will be enough to get us by the Seahawks. And the Brady factor in the end. Smart, can read a blitz as good as any QB and I thin he is burning for one last super bowl ring because it has been a while since the last one thanks to the Giants. Jon
  2. I realize this is hypothetical but if the Pats make it to the Super Bowl just wondered if some of the fans would want to organize a pub watch and rally/celebration in London. Perhaps have a meal/pint at a place like the Maple Leaf and then a celebration at Trafalgar Square or wherever. It is a possibility imo with the way Chung, Avery, and the whole team is playing right now and would like to meet some other Pats fans here in the UK. Cheers lads! Jonathan p.s. I think Tom Brady wants one more Super Bowl ring!
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