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  1. Congrats! General sale is 3pm EST tomorrow so fingers crossed
  2. Fantastic! How are you all tailgating? We aren't hiring a car so have been looking at various alternatives e.g. Coach groups
  3. Any way we can get in on their RT's?
  4. There's me and the wife who will be getting to Boston on the saturday morning. How much are you talking for tickets?
  5. Do you think its worth getting on the list for the pre-sale? I know its $100 per ticket but you get a refund if you leave the waiting list. If its still difficult then i dont quite see the advantage
  6. Doing a tour of NYC, Nashville and Boston taking in the Chargers game in week 8. Flights and hotel are booked. Anyone else going? How are people getting tickets?
  7. Planning on a Boston visit around the Chargers game so I hope that's the game which UK Patriots get to as would be great to meet up in Foxboro
  8. I voted and was excited to go. However a new house and a wedding to save for means I will have to postpone my inaugral RT. I will have to settle for the Jags v Cowboys game at Wembley.
  9. Just out of curiosity, how much approximately do these trips cost?
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