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  1. AFC Championship Meet-up Nottingham

    We'll stick a pin in this due to low numbers and Shooters have been abit noncommittal about staying open until the games finished. Plus I've now gotta be in West Bromwich tomorrow so early start for me. Apologies but hopefully next time. Enjoy the game.
  2. Hi boys and girls, Putting the feelers out there for a meet-up to watch the AFC Championship game at Shooters Sports Bar in Nottingham. Unfortunately Hooters and South Bank Bar both close at 10.30pm on Sunday so Shooters seems to be our best bet. I'll call them today to see what the craic will be should the game go on late, overtime, etc, but I believe they close at 1am so shouldn't be a problem. I'll explore a few other options aswell but wanted to see what sort of attendance we might generate. Shooters is on Friar Lane, just up from Market Square, so very central if people can make it in via train or tram and there should be plenty of street parking on a Sunday evening which is free after 8pm. Let me know and if there's a nice little group of us we'll make it happen. Ash
  3. Superbowl LI Champions!

  4. TB12 Revenge Tour 2016