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  1. Magoo, its too bad you didn't get to the old Garden (the Gahd'n, as we called it). The seating went straight up rather than out so that the 3rd tier was VERY steep. I once saw a guy, who had consumed quite a few brews, stumble down to his front row seats and almost go over the railing. It wasn't air conditioned and late season hockey games were often delayed due to fog on the ice. They make the players skate in circles to clear it. In the winter, it was so damn cold inside that frost would accumulate on the parquet floor during Celtic games. In 1957 I saw the Rin Tin Tin Traveling Rodeo and Wild West Show complete with the TV cast. The hockey rink was the smallest in the NHL so the team was tailored to that; lots of hard hitting. When they said "Obstructed View Seating" they meant it! I once bought such a ticket to a Bruins game and found it to be behind a steel girder. I spent the entire game leaning left and right as I followed the action. The ramps smelled of urine and beer; there were rats everywhere; homeless guys kept sneaking inside to sleep; parking was horrible; but so many great things happened there / Bruins' Stanley Cup and Celtics NBA championships to mention two. After the last game was played, the organist played Ould Lang Syne and the crowd swayed and sang to it. It was amazing so see so many old guys crying. It was like losing a loved one.
  2. He also said that Tony Eason should've worn a dress. Ol' Hawg didn't and doesn't mince words.
  3. BTW: I'm sure at least one of you brought along a laptop, to be on the lookout for Fitzy Fitzgerald. He'll be roaming the parking lots and maybe you'll be on his webcast.
  4. With all the great English ale and beer, why would you want to drink Bud?
  5. BTW: Do you guys know where you'll be parking? If so, let us know and we'll go over and meet with you.
  6. I just found out that Geoff Campbell, EZM Captain, won't be at the game. He has to work (which is a 4-letter word). But just to keep you updated on where the EZM tailgates, we'll be in front of the Christmas Tree Shoppe and should be easy to spot. Hope to see some of you there!
  7. If you're gonna take the Fenway tour, make time to stop here: http://www.casknflagon.com/
  8. Maybe you'll run into Fitzy and have this kind of fun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfZdSFwJR64?version=3
  9. Yeah, that was a helluva party; worth flying 3K miles to attend.
  10. Part of the problem with forums like this and emailing is that its difficult to convey a sense of facitiousness. I certainly wasn't trying to cast aspersions on any of you and I'm sure you know the right thing to do. But be safe and have a great time while you're here...despite the fact that we fought against your ancestors...twice!
  11. Here's another tip for you; we drive on the RIGHT side of the road over here so if you come to a rotary, go to the RIGHT! If you happen to rent a Mercedes, the symbol at the tip of the hood (bonnet, you might say) is NOT a sighting device to run over jay-walkers. Pedestrians in Massachusetts, no matter how stupid, have the right of way. And please have a designated driver; there are enough home-grown drunks driving down Rt 1 after the game. Don't get into a fight in the stadium or you'll be fitted with a shiny pair of Foxboro Police bracelets and your solicitor is 3000 miles away. So, with all those restrictions; HAVE FUN!
  12. I know I'd been saying that you guys should meet up with the EZM and tailgate with us but the Pats management has gone out of their way to make this difficult. Instead of our usual parking spot in P1, we're now in the "volunteers" lot in the mall area in front of The Christmas Shoppe. We're not sure why this was done but we're still talking with management and maybe we'll be back in P1.
  13. There's a better one from a few years earlier in Philly. The Bruin's Derek Sanderson was in the penalty box when some Flyers fan hit him on the head with a rubber chicken. When Sanderson confronted him, he was pulled over the glass and some hometown fans started to beat on him. The entire Bruins bench went into the stands, then all you could see were about 6 players, their arms and fists pumping up and down. When the "smoke" cleared the EMT's arrived with stretchers for the stupid fans. It was great!
  14. I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out.
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