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  1. Best Seats at Gillette

    Tickets are expensive, no matter the game you choose. Make sure you have space to go up to Patriot place on a non game day and enjoy the Hall which has all the Superbowl trophies on display as well as interactive stuff ,other memorabilia and game worn kit for you to try on, well worth the entrance fee, but definitely worth doing when it's quieter.
  2. Travel to Boston

    I must have been unlucky Danny, a friend of mine commutes to Boston once a month and swears by going via Dublin.
  3. Travel to Boston

    2014 I waited almost 3 hours to get through, I was supposed to meet you guys for the Bruins game, it wasn't the 1st time I'd waited and every time I've gone back I've gone through Dublin and it's been a breeze, even if it saves you an hour at Logan, it's still better to walk straight off the plane and out.
  4. Travel to Boston

    Small pro tip, if you go via Dublin you clear customs before you fly, meaning there's no waiting at Logan and you walk straight off the flight, depending on arrival time it can save you hours.