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  1. On 6/20/2018 at 8:59 PM, Phil D said:

    Hi guys just wondering what majority of people do after the game whilst on the road trip.  I am guessing the fins games wraps up by 5pm local. Do roadtrippers tend to hang around soak up atmosphere and tailgate and stay in the local hotel for a second night.  Or hightail it into Boston?  

    Stand very close to the BBQ and hand out food and beer to those in need until the cops throw us out the car park. Someone will have a TV setup with the late afternoon game showing, or there's always cornholing.


  2. 18 hours ago, mrs laz said:

    We will most likely be tailgating with the Tailgate2000 crew as last year, as this was a great experience to mix and mingle with a large group of fans.  We discussed this with Paul at the Chiefs game and he was all for it - makes his job easier from the tailgate perspective. 

    Excellent! Obviously the tailgate was the highlight last year after bombing to the Bills, sis is being a bit prissy about her car so I doubt we'll be able to pick up in Boston unfortunately. Her mood might change, but I wouldn't bank on it. I still reckon hiring a car for the day between 5 of you would be cheaper than the bus.

  3. I'll see if we can borrow my sister's 7 seater, no guarantees as I've already hired a car and usually pick up some UK pats from their hotel (I would know for definite that week if she's feeling generous ;) ), I had a quick look on rentalcars and a one day hire would be around £35 if you timed your 24 hour rental correctly and picked up at 10pm on the Saturday night and paid the parking at Gillette it would still work out cheaper than a $200 round trip in a cab