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  1. I will most likely be driving to Washington from RI and back with some detours on the way
  2. I hear Canton isn't far I've heard outside of going to the whitehouse, Washington on a Monday is pretty dull
  3. I'm with Jonas if I can arrange travel Sunday/Thursday is a goer. 2 tickets for the Giants game once I look at flight
  4. Fantastic time, Dolphins,Canton,Kent,Cleveland,Buffalo and Colts a near perfect storm for a once in a lifetime experience. We're on to next year...
  5. Not to say this is in any way the official amount but my bro and I put in $30 each to the tailgate contributions pot
  6. I know you've looked at a 6 seater hire, I'll already have wheels for the whole week, don't mind driving if booking a 4 seater is a cheaper option. I've also got an 8 mile detour to make in Buffalo
  7. 2 Double bed room downtown CLE with parking $135 for the Monday Radisson Hotel Cleveland-Gateway 651 Huron Road East, Cleveland, OH 44115 | +1 216 377-9000 Downtown Cleveland across from Progressive Field & Q Arena
  8. You up for this adventure? If we're coming back via Buffalo I have a mate that owes me money, a ten minute detour and we'll be back on the road
  9. I'll already have an Impala for the week, don'y know how to go about adding a driver or how that would work with the funds being blocked on my CC for insurance should anything happen. I don't mind driving, I've driven to Florida from RI, and West Virginia from Missouri, it's pretty tedious on the interstate and there are certain places to avoid at rush hour, planning is paramount. You do realise this drive is the equivalent of driving from Edinburgh to Rome? Canton's on my bucket list, so is First Energy which is across the road from RnR HOF. The Radisson in downtown CLE is showing £75 a night on google, haven't looked at twin rooms yet. Glasgow Pat and I would be starting from RI so add about 130 miles extra driving to the totaliser.
  10. Flying costs are around £340 for a 2 day trip with food, more with obligatory booze.
  11. Driving? to Cleveland? actually... lemme work out how many socks I'd need for the journey. 1300 mile round trip... Skyscanner hitting up flights at £116 return to Cleveland from Logan for Monday - Tuesday. Driving costs are estimated at around $130 and a drive time of 19 hours to Canton and back to RI
  12. It's on and we're going. Top darts as always Mandy
  13. Stand very close to the BBQ and hand out food and beer to those in need until the cops throw us out the car park. Someone will have a TV setup with the late afternoon game showing, or there's always cornholing.
  14. Looks like a very good line up Mandy, maybe this year we'll get in the official group photos and not have wandered off to watch a cup final.
  15. Count me in, will check flights etc and confirm £238 return... doable!
  16. I'd put my money on it being Bills, Chiefs or Colts. Might still go to Packers though as it's once in a lifetime shot.
  17. Back to RI early February for a long weekend, hopefully up to Boston on the Monday. Looking forward to next season's RT already, definitely investing in more hand warmers, damn that was cold in the wind.
  18. £460 from gatwick on the Friday - Monday, £339 if you fly on Thanksgiving
  19. I think Chris and I put $30 each in as a donation to the tailgater crew, worth it alone to meet the minutemen and sample Paul's balls. Cannot wait.
  20. I've got friends in low places living in Texas who'll text me the stream link they get that morning. Normality resumed.
  21. Can anyone tell me if BT Sport will work in America, my gamepass seemed to be ok last year if I used the 4G? My fitba team only went and got to a cup final on the day we play Miami, Kick off will be 10.00am Eastern, hoping to watch the game while tailgating and having a double celebration.
  22. Might be interested in another Dave. I'll get back to you asap
  23. Excellent! Obviously the tailgate was the highlight last year after bombing to the Bills, sis is being a bit prissy about her car so I doubt we'll be able to pick up in Boston unfortunately. Her mood might change, but I wouldn't bank on it. I still reckon hiring a car for the day between 5 of you would be cheaper than the bus.
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