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  1. Best Seats at Gillette

    That was cool, were they resold tickets or official Ticketmaster tickets? Our game was vs Broncos. How was the tailgate? Nothing compared to the UK Pats tailgates I bet.... ?
  2. Best Seats at Gillette

    I have been going for a couple of years and I have been in the 100's most of the time. I think the best seats we've had, in my opinion, was when we sat in the "Lower level sideline" (Goal line) on Patriots Sideline in 2011 for the Colts game. We had seats in Section 105, row 8, and they were fabulous!! We had a great view over the end zone on our side of the field, though I admit that there was a little inferior view over the opposite end zone. (as Howard so rightly points out in the above post ) But we could feel the action and really hear/feel the hits. Unfortunately, this happened to be the season when Peyton was injured, and Colts went 2-14 resulting in the drafting of Luck, so my plan of seeing the two great ones square it off didn't go as planned... Let's say that watching Dan Orlovsky, though putting up 21 points to Pats 31, wasn't really the same as it would have been to watch Peyton Manning :-) (though we made up for that, managing to see Pats playing Denver Broncos in 2014, that time we had seats in the opposite corner, Section 127 row 21, which was a similar experience, well, without the smell of sweat from the field ) The prices for the tickets from our first game in 2009 to our latest game in 2014 (except for the absolute latest which was with the UKPatriots Roadtrip in 2015 where we sat in section 329, row 5 and 6, and the ticket was face value I believe) has had a ridiculous rise. Remember though that I am talking about the prices of the ticket reselling companies, as getting tickets through the "official" channels hasn't really been possible. There are the releases of the "Individual game tickets", and I must admit that I haven't really tried that option as I have always aimed for specific games for different reasons, and I haven't seen those games mentioned among the offered tickets. In 2009 we were in section 126, row 18 and cost $196 a pop (even then, pretty steep). In 2010 we were in section 126 row 17, same price. In 2011 we were, as previously mentioned, in section 105 row 8 and here we can see a slightly higher price. These tickets cost $267 per person. Perhaps because it is Pats sideline and slightly more to the sideline than before. In 2014 we were back in the opposing team sideline/corner, in section 127, row 21 and suddenly the tickets were $588 per person. Sure, it was probably classified as an "Elite" game, but still And I'm pretty sure that many of the members here can testify that the prices today compared when some of them started watching games back in the 80's or 90's are crazy expensive. Here you have a the official seating map. http://library.kraftsportsgroup.com/2017_SeatingMap_Pricing.pdf Good luck with your game planning and attending. I will assure you that you will have a ball, there is just no comparing watching a game on television and walking into Gillette Stadium. Perhaps you have been to Wembley for a game or two, perhaps even one or both of the Pats games as I have, but you can't just imagine the feeling of 65000 people chanting "Brady, Brady, Brady" or "D#, D#, D#" until you have experienced it. (I realise that you being from the UK, you have probably seen one or two soccer games, and your stadiums are pretty impressive as well, so you might have experienced "many-spectator-sports" before, but now we're talking Patriots Football ) Or that time in 09, when all of a sudden, the audience started singing the theme song from Cheers during a break. That was truly amazing and still gives me the chills thinking about it... Hope to perhaps see you on a future road trip, but enjoy your 30th birthday game in the meantime!