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  1. Cupcakes

    Very cool! But to be fair... those cupcakes are legendary.
  2. Massive Thank You

    Oh there is really no need for that.....
  3. Massive Thank You

    Mrs L and I would like to add our thanks to those above - not only to those who contributed to the organsiation (and there are a lot!!) but to all UKPats who make these events what they are - fantastic fun for a community of friends who would never normally know each other but for that single common denominator - being fans of the Patriots. A small plug for the roadtrip.... may seem like a long way away but next april will be here before we know it. Let's keep the fantastic spirit going and get as many over to Gillette next year as possible.
  4. Wembley Weekend overall Timetable

    Reminder to all flag footballers to be there for 10am sharp for special guests who are available only 10-11am.......
  5. Wembley Weekend overall Timetable

    Updated Party Ticket collection time for Saturday 27th. Please refer to Party FAQ thread for further details.
  6. UKPatriots Flag Football Official Enquiries

    FYI...QB1 is open to negotiation of services I thought QB1 was like Batman.....we would never get to learn his true identity.
  7. UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    I'd be up for a large tee James
  8. UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    whereas you are firmly comitted to S AND M,eh?
  9. After the pre-game party.....

  10. Patriots Pre Game Party

    No apology needed - just trying to keep the comms clear as we run up to Wembley weekend.
  11. Patriots Pre Game Party

    Gentle reminder to stay on topic please, especially as we are pending announcements on the Saturday night. Please start another thread for this discussion if you want to continue
  12. NFL Official Tailgate

    As previously stated - this is an NFL event and not a UKPats event. Try NFLUK.....
  13. Patriots Pre Game Party

    Same as all the previous replies to this question. Once we have something to share, it will be posted here.
  14. Yeah that hotel is full. Will find something nearby. Swindy, lets catch up over the weekend and we might be able to book into the same place. We are looking at flights coming out last thing Friday night and back Sunday night - so we dont even have to take time off work!! (and thanks for speaking to Navy about the tix.)