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  1. All roadtrippers - please check your email for an important message on transport arrangements for gameday, kindly co-ordinated by Swindon Patriot. As it's only a month to go now, please also keep an eye out on here and via email for other messages about events and arrangements for the weekend.
  2. No its pretty fast to fill it in. Sometimes it takes 24 hours to get your approval number though. Depends how many they are receiving at the time. Ours was instantaneous.
  3. 2013 roadtrip preference thread.

    That sucks Jamie, my attendance is normally based off of yours for shear entertainment value . Really? Really ? actually my attendance is purely based if your going. I promise I won't hide your trainers again if you go Notice that he makes no such guarantees about your passport.
  4. 2013 Roadtrip - vs Browns - Official Application thread

    Feel free to go for an earlier game then. As usual, we are grateful to Paul for his efforts in getting us any group of tickets.
  5. 2013 Roadtrip - vs Browns - Official Application thread

    Mo - our Membership Mod. He maintains the membership list. You can PM him your details for registration. Board name Jaco
  6. 2013 roadtrip preference thread.

    No tickets are being made available for the Broncos, Steelers or Saints. Check your availability for 8th December and check the new thread in this forum!!!
  7. I am delighted to advise that this year's Road Trip is confirmed as follows: Date: Sunday 8th December 2013 - 1300hrs Venue: Gillette Stadium Vs: Cleveland Browns Applications should be made to mrs laz who will co-ordinate the application process for the UK. (papa lazarou will be the Patriots point of contact for the purchase of the block of tickets.) Here are the rules for applying for tickets for this year’s roadtrip from the UK. Please only apply for the trip if you are serious about attending! Roadtrip Rules: - Maximum 2 tickets per initial application. (You may express an interest in more than 2 tickets in case eventual availability permits – we will keep a reserve list.) - £100.00 deposit per ticket paid upfront in full now Includes: cost of $132 ticket, contribution towards the tailgate (NOTE: At this time we are assuming that stadium ticket prices will be the same as last year. Prices haven't been confirmed as yet, so we may have to make a slight adjustment to pricing). - Important Note: payment of deposit does not guarantee ticket assignment and acceptance of deposit does not constitute a contract to supply tickets. If we can’t get enough tickets the unlucky applicants will receive a full refund. Should demand outstrip supply and we need to prioritise applications, factors such as sustained board activity and contribution to site funding will be taken into account. All final decisions will be taken by the mods. - Drop-outs are non-refundable: We will attempt to sell drop-outs but make no guarantee of this OR you can try to sell on to someone from this board. Tickets MAY NOT be re-sold on ebay or any other public auction site or to non-members of this board. Note: Tickets are only made available to us on gameday at the stadium itself. - To be accepted for the roadtrip, you must be a full registered member of UKPatriots.com fanclub. If not already a full member, please PM jaco for details on how to become a full member. What to do NOW – applications to be received by 29th May. Send PM via UKPatriots to mrs laz, with the following details: a. Number of requested tickets (max 2) b. Name c. Home Address d. Telephone number e. Email address f. Payment method: cheque or bank transfer (note – all transfer fees at cost of sender – please add). g. Confirm acceptance of the above Roadtrip Rules mrs laz will PM back with the appropriate details for payment. Send payment for £100.00 per ticket to be cleared by 6th June LATEST. At the same time, send PM to mrs laz to confirm payment has been sent. Once payment funds are received, mrs laz will confirm back by PM and your name will be on the initial list. Any questions, feel free to ask!
  8. 2013 roadtrip preference thread.

    OK Clear preference/winner is the Broncos Broad middle ground Browns/Saints/Steelers/Fins Little Love Jets/ Tampa/Bills Lets see what happens....
  9. 2013 roadtrip preference thread.

  10. 2013 roadtrip preference thread.

    *********UPDATE 24/04*************************************** We are looking to make contact with the Pats early next week - so make your preferences known by Sunday to sway the vote!
  11. 2013 roadtrip preference thread.

    Hey if we get enough maybe its 2 roadtrips.....
  12. 2013 roadtrip preference thread.

    Based on the responses so far it's a safe bet we'll get the Jets