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  1. PatriotKyle

    Thanksgiving Dinner in Boston - Roadtrippers

    I would be interested, Im staying in Boston Wednesday - Saturday before heading to the RT hotel
  2. PatriotKyle

    Bruins v Penguins Friday 24th Nov - Applications

    Put me down for 1 ticket for sure
  3. PatriotKyle

    Roadtrip 2017 discussion thread

    I'm staying in Boston too, arriving PM of the Wednesday 22nd . Then will be making my way down to the RT hotel for the Saturday.
  4. "The sauce from Paul's balls" I'm perhaps now more worried than excited about my first potential Roadtrip now ;-)
  5. PatriotKyle

    Roadtrip 2017 - Interest In Bruins Game

    If I end up getting on the Roadtrip I would be up for heading to a Bruins game
  6. PatriotKyle

    Roadtrip 2017 - Poll closed

    Dolphins game, good divisional rival and interested to see Landry's sweep prediction