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  1. ctdk1980

    2016 Roadtrip - voting COMPLETED

    Saving for mortgage at the minute so unlikely to be able to attend this year so won't bother voting. Hopefully be able to go to next years!
  2. ctdk1980

    2016 Foxboro Road Trip weekend

    Okay thanks Warre i wouldnt worry the roadtrip is long off as long as you have sent a message to him and you become active on the site which it seems you have started to do so you wont have an issueOkay thanks Warren
  3. ctdk1980

    2016 Foxboro Road Trip weekend

    Can anybody here help?! Was told to register with Jaco for possibly joining the road trip pilgrimage by sending him a message which I did shortly after, however according to the site he has yet to read the message. Is there any other way to register or do I just wait til Jaco resurfaces? Thanks all