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  1. I've booked my hotel for the Cleveland road game this week. it's within touching distant of where the Cavs play than any where near the Browns' stadium. My ticket cost me just over £120 for a lower level seat through nfl ticket exchange, not in the dawg pound section thankfully!
  2. I definitely would like the Browns game inbetween 2 home games. I think tickets will be easier to get than the Steelers but I could be wrong, I normally am! Seeing Cleveland on a map it looks easy-ish to get to and from Boston using some sort of public transport plus Ann Arbor isn't too far from Cleveland to see a Michigan football game
  3. Yes! As a first time Road Tripper I've got a limit of $500 but half of that will be spent on a elite jersey not sure what player yet, don't want to jinx the player getting injured!
  4. I'll be staying the Courtyard Saturday & nights but I will watch the Pens - Bruins game at CBS Scene if they show it there.
  5. As I've never been to Gillette just looked to see where section 120 was and crikey right behind the goal posts, my favourite view for watching NFL! Are the UK Patriots lucky to get a good view this year or is always around the goal posts?
  6. Thats a good idea! I'll be in for that! Plus for a newbie Road Tripper like me it will be good to arrive a little early to check out The Hall before meeting up at CBS Scene in the evening.
  7. Does anyone know if the hotel in Norwood (which I saw in a similar thread) is close to any public transport stations? Just asking because I've only driven on UK roads & as it will only be me I does not seem logical to hire a car for the weekend + I know I will get anxious if a big trucker speeds past me
  8. 2013 Roadtrip - vs Browns - Official Application thread

    Excellent news because this game lands right in the middle of my two weeks in the States I booked a few months ago
  9. 2013 roadtrip preference thread.

    My only choice is the Browns. As I have booked and paid for flights, the Browns game lands right in the middle of my two week stay.
  10. 2013 roadtrip

    If the Roadtrip is the Browns game then I'm in. As a common theme with me I've already booked and paid for a week in the States either side of that game without knowing the schedule
  11. 2013 roadtrip

    Not to fussed who the away team will be for the RT game, there to see the Patriots depending on the time-off from work.
  12. Massive Thank You

    Just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who organised and contributed for all the events to happen over the weekend, it's a shame it had to come to an end but at least it ended with a dominating win! Also thank you for welcoming me into the group because I really struggle starting a conversation a lot of the time, so I only met a couple of people. Means a lot. The UKPatriots sign and the towels you guys had was clearly visible from the under big screen towards the Rams entrance tunnel but my pictures turned out a little dark.
  13. Moved posts from the party FAQ

    Does anyone know what type of tickets they are used for? Because the 2009 Pre Game Party tickets had The Hall logo on them which I thought were cool.
  14. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    I left booking a hotel really late again but I'll be at the Battersea Travelodge near to Clapham Junction. It's perfect for getting a direct train back home than navigating through the underground in rush hour on Monday morning.
  15. UKPatriots Wembley Tour

    I definitely have that Friday off but checking the latest train fares for the 26th, it comes in at £53