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  1. I would like to vote for the Bills game. But as I've already paid for everything to be flying out for that game, it would be great to see another game with the group. I've only seen one game with the UK Pats back in 2013, the other games I've went to see were on my own at Gillette. Plus I don't arrive at Logan Airport until 8pm the night before the game and only using public transport / taxi's it's gong to be a nightmare getting to the RT hotel that late. Maybe I just to convince myself everything will fine!
  2. I'm in section 106 for this game
  3. Got my ticket today! $200 in the endzone mezzanine level but they didn't have much left anywhere so I had to take what was offered even with a 15 minute tickermaster pre-sale access link I got after signing up for the Giants ticket sale date info. Hopefully meet some UK pats fans out there if they're taking a little break to New York
  4. Voted for Buffalo. Second choice is Washington. Picked those two games as I've already paid for flights around the games
  5. Yes, I'm going but now just waiting for tickets to go on sale as I've already booked flights and hotels. I'm already planning to see the next two games against the Giants and Bills and I thought with New York - Boston is only 4 hours by amtrak, I'll book an extra week off from work to see this game
  6. Yes, I'm going but now just waiting for tickets to go on sale as I've already booked flights and hotels. MNF against Rex Ryan's Bills is going to be awesome
  7. Yes, I'm going but now just waiting for tickets to go on sale as I've already booked flights and hotels. I can't wait to see my first road game in the states
  8. The home opener game would be excellent to experience but I'm sure everyone will want to get tickets for that game. If this years RT game is straight after the Colts road game then I'm in!
  9. I hope everyone has a good time and fingers crossed it doesn't go down to the wire like last years RT game or even like the Raiders home opener I saw in September!
  10. If only it was a 6pm kick off then would've counted me in
  11. I'm unable to make it this year due to another person at work already booked the time off but working on things for another game somewhere / somehow. Plus it was great meeting some of you at last years RT, a great experience I'll never forget hopefully I'll be more outgoing / talkative if I'm lucky to go again with you. Enjoy the game to those who are going!
  12. Originally voted for the Raiders 21/9 game because the appeal of visiting the U.S. during a season other than winter swung it, I have only been twice during the winter months. My holiday form already submitted fingers crossed no one is off already, (stupid rule of only having 1 person off in our department at work)
  13. Voted for the Raiders game. I just think it'll be cool to see the first game of the season & watch some baseball too
  14. I think we have just got to sit tight and wait for the announcement. I'm just guessing the new pricing for the marquee games mrs laz mentioned might not have been set yet so maybe it's something to do with that. Don't panic
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