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  1. I keep looking everyday for an update. Cannot wait.
  2. Looking forward to it. Thanks Mandy. spicy balls very important question. also will there be Sam Adams Oktoberfest?
  3. Howard superb effort thank you. I was expecting a lot more due to the time of year. In 2016 we had the same weekend and stayed at the courtyard I think it was at least an extra $50 a night.
  4. Application in for both games. Thank you to the organisers, as always, for all their efforts. Two games....Superb.
  5. Looking forward to it. All potentially very good games.
  6. Hampton at that price sounds excellent Howard.
  7. Dolphins for me. Divisional game for the 2nd year in a row. Potentially the more competitive game. Also the opportunity for some Bruins action if the NHL schedule is kind to us. Notwithstanding it's Black Friday that weekend and the potential for some shopping deals.
  8. Room booked for both nights thanks Howard.
  9. Marvellous Howard. Will book once link posted.
  10. I'm happy to get my ticket from Mandy in Boston Beer Works. Cheers Neil.
  11. 5 ish in Boston Beer Works works for me.
  12. Nice one Neil. Pourhouse afterwards sounds like a plan!
  13. Neil. I'm in for two. Will PM you now.
  14. Fine by me Mandy. Hopefully the rate will improve.
  15. Preseason schedule is out for the Bruins. Wednesday night Red Wings at home (before the Bills game) and Tuesday after the Bills game Canadiens at home.
  16. If my application for the road trip is successful I would be very interested (2 tickets) depending on price. We were talking about going on the Friday night game if we are on the road trip.
  17. David, dad and I (Mike) are looking to come and would like to go to a Bruins game if there is one, even if it is preseason.
  18. Alex is correct if dad and I are on the trip and the Bruins are playing it's a given we will want to see them.
  19. 1st choice was Rams (as per vote) 2nd would be Texans for Thursday night football.
  20. Rams for me. Would rather see Brady even if it's against the Rams again. It's also the only choice with a possibility of a Bruins game.
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