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  1. Best Seats at Gillette

    It was via the Patriots website and all done over the phone with their front office. They're basically sold as 'corporate days'. The tailgate was awesome with masses of great food, all you can drink bar, Pats Alumni, cheerleaders, freebies everywhere and VIP access to the stadium. Cool day out We sat talking to Bob Perryman (he of Lisa Olsen fame) and his brother. Bob was a bit of a twat but his brother was a blast. PS - I'd attach a flyer for the one I went to (downloaded from the Pats site back then) but I can't see how to do that here.
  2. Best Seats at Gillette

    WOW - $588!!! In 2014 we 'only' paid $425 for a Marquee game (Jets on Thursday night) with tailgate party in the Dana Barber Field House. (Premier games were $400)