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  1. Great post Daniel, I have always thought that it is superb that the Pats organisation offer up that many seats year on year to the UK Patriots, bearing in mind how popular we get each year and that those seats could be sold many times over, it's a real achievement, a sign of how much the organisation thinks of it's fans "over the pond". Hopefully I may be able to make it "the year" in which I get to make the trip with the road trip party, it will be 30 years of supporting the Patriots in November, that could be one way of swinging it with the missus! the last excuse I had to visit Foxborough was that I was hitting 40.
  2. I'd second that Warren, I have a couple of cheaper versions "Sondico" they do make a hell of a difference in the cold.
  3. Magoo

    UKPats Wembley 2013

    What I fail to understand and it seemed more prevalant at the weekend than I had seen before were people wearing for example: a cap of one team and a jersey of another team. I had a "Season Ticket" the same seat for both games and the guy in front of us turned up last month with a Vikings jersey,on Sunday he wore a Falcons Matt Ryan jersey with a Jaguars Cap! I saw this on numerous occasions ,are some of the new breed of NFL fans in the U.K. fans of the overall product instead of teams, I always thought a U.K. franchise would not work as we are so passionate about the alliegances for the teams we have had for years, but seeing for example the guy with a Lions cap and Cowboys jersey who were playing EACH OTHER on Sunday! gets me thinking some U.K. fans could back a London/U.K. franchise, I mean where did all those Jaguars caps/Jerseys come from? who did they support until they announced Jacksonville's 4 year deal? It seems strange to me,I watched the NFL for the first time aged 15 and thank God chose the Patriots as they were featured in the first game I saw, I have stuck with them through thick and thin but maybe there is a new breed of NFL fan among the U.K fanbase who will just follow the marketing whims of the NFL bigwigs and buy a cap because they love the design or follow the Jags because of the NFL hype machine?.
  4. Magoo

    2013 roadtrip

    Never mind "rumour" Mrs L, I suggest you contact Erik Scalavino with any questions relating to the schedule, I believe it is his specialised subject. I'm surprised he hasn''t shut down his Twitter account Mark, it must be full to bursting with those questions, he deserves it though.
  5. I'm just trying to get the Friday off Mark, so will let you know as quickly as I can.
  6. Magoo

    Massive Thank You

    I'd like to add to the above comments, what a fantastic weekend, massive thanks to everyone organising the various events, Ade and James , I don't know how you did it all , but a big thank you. Thanks to everyone who organised all the other events, I won't name names as not too miss any one out. It was great to meet so many people whose comments I have read on here over the years, big thanks to Warren for you're company this weekend,let's hope I can make that Road trip soon. If you add the result into it it was the perfect weekend, even the fan rally with BB, Tom etc turning up, I even had the surreal experience of watching my "Soccer" team Q.P.R. play in the Sports Cafe with the legendary Fred Kirsch from PFW,. Fred also deserves a lot of credit, he basically spent most of his time hanging out with the UKPatriots. Top Man! I'd just like to say how fantastic it was too see the UKPatriots representation in the ground, it seems it went down visually very well on T.V. with lots of shots of the towels and banners, i've never seen any other team have such good support in all the other games at Wembley. Well done everyone.
  7. Magoo

    NFL Fan Rally - Saturday 27th October

    It's now up on NFL UK http://www.nfluk.com/tickets-events/fan-rally
  8. Magoo

    NFL Fan Rally - Saturday 27th October

    Just got an e mail from NFL UK : Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Wes Welker,Vince Wilfork,Jerod Mayo,Zoltan Mesko and Brandon Lloyld confirmed as attending * Subject to last minute schedule changes
  9. Magoo

    Boston Logan To London Heathrow

    Tip...? Tip is almost a swear word in the UK. - except for maybe rounding a taxi fare up to the nearest quid, most peeps don't do it. Don't do it & don't feel bad about not doing it. I remember at the Sports Cafe during the 2009 party, a girl at the bar from Boston said to me she couldn't believe that she wasn't expected to leave a tip at the bar when she bought a drink.
  10. Magoo

    NFL Fan Rally - Saturday 27th October

    Right again Warren http://itiswhatitis.weei.com/sports/newengland/football/patriots/2012/10/24/tom-brady-says-thanks-but-no-thanks-to-nfl-fanfest-in-london/
  11. You can say that again, in fact my mate's a Tube station supervisor and a Seahawks fan and is coming to the game and the pre game party with me, feel free to other him any abuse you feel he deserves, apparently he may be wearing his "Russell Knows" t-shirt. He is hoping Pats radio announcer and former QB Scott Zolak is around as he said some not too complimentary things about the Seahawks a fortnight ago.
  12. Magoo

    Wembley Tour Final Details and Payment

    I've been to the International Series every year and have seen people with rucksacks, but do expect to get searched as you pass through the turnstile, last year if I remember, everyone was getting a "pat down" whether they had a bag or not. I've read before about people being worried about being able to use Cameras, I wouldn't worry as the stewards tend to turn a blind eye,i've even seen people with large extended lens taking photos.
  13. Magoo

    UKPatriots Pre-Game Party FAQs

    JetGough, There may be a meet up of UK Patriot fans at the fan rally at Trafalgar Square between 12- 5, it may be a good place to meet some of the UKPatriots, also the Sports Cafe will be opening it's doors to everyone when the party finishes around about 9:30PM. I imagine quite a few people will do this.
  14. Magoo

    Wembley Tour Final Details and Payment

    Toyed with the idea of talking to Pranka and may well go down that route. Damo, Have you put it out on Twitter? you may get a few responses there,I know you're busy so I could put the word out if you like,let us know.
  15. The what? We're going to try to take them on at their own game? Not just a UKP tourney then? Sorry .. far too busy to stay up with everything recently. It's in the details at the top. It's going to be played at the very end. A small novelty game after our tourney Let's hope the opponents don't bring any ringers with them like last time..... Kevin Faulk and Troy Brown instead of Brad Johnson and Mike Alstott... Yep, the famous case in UK NFL circles of a certain UK fan club leader bringing in an All Pro FB and a SB winning QB for a flag football game then bragging about it everywhere.