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    Gameday arrangements

    Our group of 4 will be part of the hotel convoy. We should have space for one to squeeze in if needed. If Mark is co-ordinating car arrangements does that mean his U.S. driving ban has expired? šŸ˜† Will Fat Jesus have his spicy balls out as usual? šŸ¤” Will Jamie tell Danny to STFU within the first 5 minutes of his arrival? šŸ¤« Are these the sort of questions you wanted Mandy? šŸ˜
  2. Rat Noir

    2018 Roadtrip planning thread

    Unfortunately that would be stretching the trip out too far for us. A real shame as I bet the home opener would be a cracking night. ā˜¹ļø
  3. Rat Noir

    2018 Roadtrip Official ApplicationS NOW CLOSED

    Should have your US no claims bonus back by now! šŸ¤£ Application in for both games. Nice to see a couple of returning faces.
  4. Rat Noir

    2018 Roadtrip Official ApplicationS NOW CLOSED

    Fantastic! It just keeps getting better year on year. Definitely in for both games.
  5. Rat Noir

    UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party (SOLD OUT)

    I missed the banter on the night, no doubt, but a bit of skiing, two Bruins games and a cracking partisan atmosphere wins out Iā€™m afraid. šŸ¤Ŗ Sorry Mark, maybe next year. šŸ‘
  6. Rat Noir

    UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party (SOLD OUT)

    Snowy New England on Super Bowl Sunday for me again this year. Hopefully watching the Pats in the same bar as last year!
  7. Rat Noir

    Roadtrip 2017 discussion thread

    Go on Saturday! šŸ¤£
  8. Rat Noir

    Thanksgiving Dinner in Boston

    4 seats for us please.
  9. Rat Noir

    Roadtrip 2017 discussion thread

    We should visit that place with the 10 cent wings (or whatever the ridiculously low price was) and see how many he can do before vomiting pure Buffalo sauce! ?
  10. Rat Noir

    Roadtrip 2017 discussion thread

    We are a group of 4, so probably space for one on game day.
  11. Rat Noir

    Thanksgiving Dinner in Boston - Roadtrippers

    We'll be around so would probably be interested in doing something. I was at the Boston Beer Works by TD Garden in February, they had some interesting beers on, definitely worth a visit for something a step away from the usual offerings.
  12. Rat Noir

    Roadtrip 2017 discussion thread

    My group of 4 (Mike - Seasider, his dad and Paul - tall bloke who's been to a couple SB parties and might be a Dolphins fan but didn't want that mentioned! ) will be arriving on Wednesday. The plan at the moment will be - Wed evening - Bruins @ Devils viewed in Whiskeys. Thursday - The Pourhouse is open on Thanksgiving as far as I can tell, so likely to be a spot for at least some of the football. Friday - Bruins game at TD Garden in the afternoon. Probably the traditional Whiskey's Friday night, although if there's a Celtics game some will go for that. Saturday - Early off to one or more of the NH malls for some tax free goodies, then on to the Hampton Inn with a trip to Patriot Place. Sunday - Fairly obvious! Monday - iHop breakfast, waste some time at South Shore Plaza, flight home. I have previously produced a contact list for those on the RT that wished to participate, usually helpful for newbies. If anyone wants to be included on it then PM me with your details and I'll send it out nearer the time. And so to Saturday night. What are the thoughts to having some sort of formal arrangement for a meal at an establishment close to the Hampton Inn, or should we leave it as an informal gathering of whoever turns up? There was talk of some going to a concert at The House of Blues, so again numbers may be depleted. I don't mind making some enquiries if there is interest.
  13. That fight ..... Shawn Thornton off the bench taking out Orpik!
  14. Two for me please David.
  15. Rat Noir

    Roadtrip 2017 discussion thread

    I don't mind having a go at throwing something together. I'll do a contact list again if it helps. Probably good for newbies to have, might make it feel a little less daunting (and let's face it, with the sauce from Paul's balls to cope with!....?) Once I know what's happening around Bruins games I'll get on to it right away ma'am! ?
  16. Rat Noir

    Roadtrip 2017 discussion thread

    This could become an annual team building exercise. Prizes for the most entertaining idea of getting Jonas across the highway; but only for the return trip after much alcohol consumed. What could possibly go wrong?!
  17. Rat Noir

    Roadtrip 2017 discussion thread

    From memory that sounds like an amazing price for game weekend. Hampton Inn would get my vote. Crossing the highway to the sports bar. Even more fun on the way back after a few!
  18. That's always the plan, and there's already some trip virgins to finish off the sauce from Paul's balls! ?
  19. Rat Noir

    Roadtrip 2017 - Interest In Bruins Game

    Myself and Mike would definitely be in as always. Could be another 2 with us once we know what's happening.
  20. Rat Noir

    Roadtrip 2017 - Poll closed

    Did that the year of the Chiefs game. Not a lot of bars were open, we got beer and sat in the hotel for the early game and went for a great meal in a place, think it was an Italian, just behind Boylston and then ended up in the pourhouse for the late game fit to burst. Some night. Was that the place that asked if we'd like some water and promptly added a couple of bottles of mineral water to the bill? ?
  21. Rat Noir

    Roadtrip 2017 - Poll closed

    Dolphins. Divisional game and the chance for some Bruins action.
  22. Rat Noir

    UK Patriots 2017 Superbowl Party (Fully Booked Up)

    I can't make this one (first in a while) because I'll be in New England skiing, so not all bad! 3 Bruins games while in Boston as well. Hopefully the night repeats a couple of years back. Have a great night to all who go.
  23. the dash and climb had the potential for disaster Mostly on the return journey after some light refreshment!
  24. Rat Noir

    Interest In Bruins Game for 2016 RT

    David, I won't be on the RT this year as I'm committed to something else, so no Bruins game for me if there is one.
  25. Rat Noir

    Interest In Bruins Game for 2016 RT

    I'm always up for a Bruins game on the trip. I think I can say that it would probably be +2 with Mike and his dad.