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  1. As above. These trips wouldn't be possible without the help of many great people doing it because they want to, not because they have to. My thanks to you all. Obviously I would have said this earlier but I couldn't get a word in because of Warren. That bloke never shuts up!!
  2. What time do you think you'll be in Whiskeys? I'm probably going to head to Bukowskis and/or Deep Ellum to get few ticks in first but heading on to Boylston sounds like a plan. Probably around 6.30-7pm, just before the game starts. May look to have something to eat as well.
  3. On arrival in Boston, the plan is to hit the Bruins shop and then pub, possibly Whiskeys, for the Bruins game.
  4. Flying out on Thursday, 11.30am British Airways flight from Heathrow. We'll probably be kicking around at the airport from about 8.30-9am if anyone is on a simar timetable. I imagine we'll probably head to the Weatherspoons for breakfast.
  5. +1 for the Under Armour. I use it on the motorbike and its warmth to thickness ratio is very good. Used it for the MNF game two years ago, certainly did the trick, although it may have been assisted by clam chowdaah!
  6. Are you a Pats fan? Yes. Then you are fully qualified to take part in any event that you can turn up to. I think we are sitting in the same section as previously, behind the end zone, opposite end from the pro shop. Mark or Mandy can probably confirm that. Join in the brewery visit by all means, more the merrier!
  7. For some reason I got it into my head that you were travelling this week, duh! The ESTA is required but you have time for travel in December. It is valid for 2 years so no harm in doing it now. Only $14 via the government site, don't pay any more via a third party website.
  8. ESTA is essential for US travel. Get on to it immediately as it's not instantly granted. Don't know if the recent US government issues may also affect application time. Do the application via the government site. https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/
  9. Well, apart from Warren Warren getting abuse, I guess the football season is about to start! It's as good a warm up as any. I just watched SB38 + 39 as I have gamepass back. Good viewing!
  10. Nope, both nights at Norwood.
  11. I could live with a visit to Harpoon on the Friday if you fancy some company.
  12. Booked up today. 11.30am BA213 from Heathrow. Staying at The Colonnade Hotel on Huntington Ave, (roughly opposite Prudential Centre) so easy walk to Pourhouse and Whiskeys for watching Bruins at Habs on Thursday night, hopefully. Returning on Monday 5.55pm BA212.
  13. I know it's early days, but anyone thinking of tagging on a few days skiing with this trip?
  14. 2013 Roadtrip - vs Browns - Official Application thread

    Still got withdrawal symptoms after missing last year (even considering the result, which is a minor detail) looks like it will be another good crew at this years game and I've never been to a December game (poor last reason in the wifes eyes, but "it is what it is") Unfortunately she cannot get any time off work in December, so I said "as you're going to be so busy at work, you wont miss me if I pop over to Boston with the guys" Make sure you have deleted the e-mail to her boss titled "Refuse holiday in December".
  15. 2013 Roadtrip - vs Browns - Official Application thread

    Pro shop profits looking good for the 3rd quarter then!
  16. Rory did Boston in 2011 and London for Wembley last year so he should know what to expect. I just don't know where he finds the cash!! Rory, you must have the best job ever!! He's not in the fashion industry, considering the wooly hat he was wearing in 2011!!
  17. 2013 Roadtrip - vs Browns - Official Application thread

    Feel free to go for an earlier game then. As usual, we are grateful to Paul for his efforts in getting us any group of tickets. And we give thanks for his balls. Sadly I don't think I'll be getting his balls in my mouth this year Boooooo . Who's going to crash the car if you're not there?
  18. 2013 Roadtrip - vs Browns - Official Application thread

    Feel free to go for an earlier game then. As usual, we are grateful to Paul for his efforts in getting us any group of tickets. And we give thanks for his balls.
  19. 2013 roadtrip preference thread.

    Broncos, Steelers, Browns.
  20. 2013 roadtrip

    The Denver game would certainly get my vote. Would hopefully be able to squeeze in a couple of Bruins games then.
  21. Songs ..

    I haven't been able to find anything so far. Could have been a US visitor and yet to return.
  22. Massive Thank You

    Keep in a locked, dark room until required and feed with Krispy Kremes!!
  23. Missed being with you guys

    Invisible! It was the $15 for a burger, fries and a drink. Upgrading to a Three hour pre-game buffet in one of Club Wembley's private dining facilities Complimentary bar including wine, beer and soft drinks for three hours before the game, between the second and third Quarters (half-time period) and one hour after the game was £180 per person above the price of the ticket. Please explain to me how I tell this to my friends in the US who are coming over for the Jacksonville game next year. Bend over and prepare to be shafted!
  24. Massive Thank You

    I hope that some aspect of The Patriot team sucks next game because I don't know how much of the new 'positive' Warren I can take. He needs something to moan about for all to be well in the world again.