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  1. I've not got much. Driven through/around Tampa ..... Didn't make me want to visit. Denver airport is okay (had a connecting flight).
  2. Massive Thank You

    Was trying to think of a way to thank all you guys, and especially Ade for hand delivering my tickets due to my Seattle trip. So here's the streaker ... I think we all agree it could've been bigger ...... (sorry to all mobile viewers and those of a nervous disposition)
  3. Wembley Tour Final Details and Payment

    Thanks for organising Damo, shame you couldn't make it.
  4. For all the visitors to London who are planning on following the sage advice of purchasing and using an oyster card for their travel around our capital, I have some advice from previous personal experience. Always Tap In & Out even if the gates are open/non-existent. After the game all of the tube stations that serve Wembley will have their gates open to assist the flow of people to the trains. However if you are using an oyster card to travel you should still tap in the card when walking through the open gates. A couple of years ago I did not tap in and when trying to exit a gate at my destination I didn't have enough money on the card to cover the maximum fare that was applied as I had not tapped in & out ..... a lack of staff at that time of evening on a Sunday did not help matters!
  5. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    Not just yet. But I know Chris (UTCIAD) was still looking to book his hotel. If he sees this they might still have that rate! It is very cheap, 15 pound each a night. Can't complain with that! We've booked our hotel, but staying out in North Finchley ....although at £31 a night would've been very tempting and our hotel did have a free cancelation. However it seems to be coming up a £75 a night at the moment.
  6. Not on facebook so thanks for posting these events on here. Will endeavour to attend at least one of these. Cheers Chris
  7. Lets get this thread back on topic ... 1st hotel booked and under a mile from the stadium too! More than I wanted to pay, but had already missed out on a hotel that became available and then sold out again within minutes. I guess I should sort out the other hotels & car hire and try to aviod the need to constanly refesh travel websites looking for cancellations ...... and yes Danny I am going to the London game, and I've not booked that Hotel either!
  8. Good luck with that ... Seattle seems to be sold out on Saturday night !!! I'm arriving Thursday and have 14 nights in the Northwest .... not booked one hotel yet or the car hire. Sometimes my procrastination astounds me.
  9. I'm almost in seat 21 !!!! we've seats 2-1 (they have seriously listed the seats as 2-1 rather than 1-2 ... random).
  10. Also picked up a couple of tickets in Section 306 row G .... supposed to be restricted view, but looked perfectly fine using the virtual reality 3D seating chart on the century link field website.
  11. Have you any experience of using the NFL Ticket exchange (there's a link from the Seahawks website and the Ticketmaster site). Tickets are $82 for the cheap seats .... although there is a 15% service change per ticket and $4.95 delivery charge as well as some tax. They do deliver the tickets by email though, so that is a bonus. Just looking for a single ticket Graham? and whereabouts in the stadium?
  12. UKPatriots Wembley Tour

    I'm interested in 2 places please ...
  13. Ga Tickets Go On Sale At 10:00 On Thursday

    Ticket sale has been delayed and Club Wembley also no longer available.
  14. Wembley 2012 Ticket Applications

    sorry ... I did double check, honest. (btw .... my forwarded rejection email only goes to point 4 and is then cut off before advising on how to pay)
  15. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    Weekend after is a guaranteed bye week for both teams I'm afriad.