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  1. Flying out tomorrow, CANNOT WAIT
  2. I am looking forward to meeting all of our UK friends, and so surprised how many U.S. Residents are coming over. I will be stuck on a flight from Atlanta, with my luck I will sit next to the one Buccaneer fan coming over. Ah well, a good pint will clear away the flightover memories. Now if I can just convince someone to buy it for me Geographer
  3. Secret Seagull Does your mailing list include those folks coming from the U.S.?? Thanks
  4. After the long flight over, Good is anything that includes a good beer and good company
  5. Greetings All, Cannot wait to come over and see the game, my first live NFL game and I have to fly 6 hours for it. I will be wearing my Blue Pats Jersey with #21 but with my name on it BOWMAN. What numbers will everyone else have on? Geographer91
  6. Hi Everyone I am flying on Saturday Morning, staying down at the Novotel London Bridge. Looking forward to meeting everyone and buying Secret Seagull a pint for getting me a ticket. Cheers and see everyone soon Geographer91
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