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  1. Gameday Questions

    Neil, thanks for such a comprehensive response. I will make make contact with that Tailgater2000 and tell him you sent me his way. Thank you for also letting me know about the parking charges. Now we can avoid a last minute scramble for money whilst at the gate. All very smart ideas regarding avoiding traffic, thanks ever so much. Yes, I'm well aware that it will be November and with this being my first time driving in America I was going to be overly cautious and leave myself plenty of time. I plan on visiting The Hall in Patriot Place before the game but when I go to buy tickets the tours appear to end at 2pm. If the stadium parking doesn't open until 4pm (aka 4 hours before the game starts) What are my options? No problem about the information - if you have any more questions just shout! If you want to do the Hall on the day of the game then I would suggest heading down to Foxboro in the morning as it closes down for corporate activities as you get closer to game time, hence the 2pm last admission. You can park at Patriot Place i.e. the shopping mall for free during the morning into the afternoon and then move your car once the game lots open at 4pm ish. The link below provides details of the parking and also maps... http://www.gillettestadium.com/parking http://www.patriot-place.com/ The red section north of Route 1 (marked 52 on the map) is where the Tailgater2000 folks are based. In the morning and early afternoon you can park for free in the yellow lots (the one marked 23 on the map is most convenient for the Hall). Then just transfer to one of the paid lots as they open (don't stay in the yellow lot as you will get clamped / towed!) If you end up in a lot on the same side of the road as the stadium fear not (i.e. lot 3 on the map) as there are crossings to allow you to get over Route 1 where the tailgating is). Alternatively after doing the Hall you could always head back up Route 1 for a couple of miles to the Walmart to pick up the obligatory Reese's Cups and Hershey's Kisses before coming back down Route 1 and being on the correct side of the road to get into the P10 entrance where the Tailgater2000 folks are. Hope this helps - feel free to PM me if you need any additional information. Cheers, Neil.
  2. Gameday Questions

    I should have mentioned the tailgating continues after the game (good point Mark and Cheshunt Pat!). The Tailgater2000 folks had chowdah and more excellent bbq goodies after the game and they kept on going until the local state troopers started to clear the parking lots By this point Route 1 had cleared up and it was a good drive back to the hotel.
  3. Gameday Questions

    Hello Liam, During the recent UKPatriots road trip we all tailgated with Tailgater2000, they were very welcoming and I am sure they would welcome you too! Get in touch with them via facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tailgater2000/ They were a really good bunch and the food was amazing, we put money in the donations jar for the food but had our own supply of beer. I would suggest getting to Foxborough in time for the parking lots opening their gates, which is 4 hours before game time. So if you made it down there for between 4 and 4.30pm you should be good. The traffic gets worse the closer you get to game time so I would say that an hour should be enough time if you are aiming to get there for the opening of the parking lots which honestly is your best bet as Route 1 becomes one giant car park as kick-off approaches. Tailgater 2000 always has the same spot in parking lot P10 section 52, if you aim to park in that same section then you will drive past them just after you pay for your parking ticket ($40 cash at the booth). You will get directed where to park and then just walk back over to them and introduce yourselves. I am sure others will have some additional input for your trip, but this should get the ball rolling! Have a great trip and bring back the W, Neil.
  4. Travel to Boston

    I second that Iceland air option, very good value from Heathrow with a very short stopover between flights.
  5. UKPatriots Wembley Tour

    Sorry but I am going to have to pull out too - I have just received confirmation that I have all day training on the Friday
  6. UKPatriots Wembley Tour

    Count me in.