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  1. nedpears

    2018 Roadtrip Official ApplicationS NOW CLOSED

    Thanks Mandy and co for pulling together such a great 2018 trip! Hopefully I can get an application in this year ? *** Red Sox vs Yankees @ Fenway 28th & 29th September*** Might be a tough ticket to get hold of though ?
  2. nedpears

    UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party (SOLD OUT)

    Cheers Mark for a fab evening, early morning. It was great to catch-up with folks old and new just a shame the D couldn't get it done... I wonder if we will get the full story of Butlergate - can't not think if he would have been on the field we would have witnessed a different outcome.
  3. nedpears

    UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party (SOLD OUT)

    Thanks Mark, I will just head into SB&G on arrival - if they let me in the back door from the station I won't even need to venture outside! Plus if I am first it will be a cheap first round Cheers, Neil.
  4. nedpears

    UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party (SOLD OUT)

    Hello all, So Super Bowl week is here and this time next week we will either be celebrating a 6th or all feeling a little sorry for ourselves! Just wanted to check what time you guys will be gathering at the SB&G. My train gets into Marylebone just after 10pm so I was going to just go straight to the venue as hopefully you will have started assembling by then. I am on the first train out at 6.05am, so I will be looking for a cafe or something nearby by that is open 24hrs so I can loiter while I wait for my train. Any suggestions welcome... See you on Sunday, Neil (not Glasgow or Niel but the other one!)
  5. nedpears

    UK Patriots 2018 Superbowl Party (SOLD OUT)

    Looking forward to my first Super Bowl Party and catching up with folks from the Wembley and Road Trip games. See you in a couple of weeks and thanks to Mark for organising!
  6. nedpears

    Roadtrip 2017 - Poll closed

    Gutted you won't be there mate.You will have to have a beer or two on my behalf!
  7. nedpears

    Roadtrip 2017 - Poll closed

    Well if I had any annual leave to spare then Thanksgiving and the Phish would be a no brainier, but unfortunately I will have to give it a miss this year and plan a return in 2018! As long as you bring back a win, or even see some points being scored by the Pats, something we didn't manage on either count last year then it will be a good trip Have a ball guys!
  8. nedpears

    UPDATED 2016 Roadtrip vs Bills - event thread

    Just wanted to echo Ian's comments, another great weekend over in MA with the low point surprisingly the performance by the Pats. Fortunately the excellent tailgating with free flowing Sam Adams Octoberfest and copious amounts of food before and after the game more than made up for that. Cheers to everybody who makes these trips such a big success!
  9. nedpears

    UPDATED 2016 Roadtrip vs Bills - event thread

    Thanks Mandy for the update, Its getting close now! if you need any assistance with anything from me just let me know, I would be happy to help. All the best, Neil.
  10. nedpears

    Red Sox game RT weekend

    So the Pats and Sox both win yesterday, hopefully it will be the same during the UKPatriots RT... In fact the Sox are looking good at the moment after a little wobble in August and sit top of the division by 2 games with all the remaining games through until the end of the regular season against divisional rivals. So their destiny is in their own hands and with the offence the best in baseball is should be a cracking end to the season over the next 3 weeks. The game we are going to is also now officially sold out with resale tickets starting at well over $100 each, so Mandy no touting those tickets
  11. nedpears

    UPDATED 2016 Roadtrip vs Bills - event thread

    Cheers Mandy for the update - are we allowed to start getting excited now?! For Sunday I will be driving and will have space for 3 in the back as we have an SUV. We are staying at the Hampton Inn but will make sure we are at the Courtyard for 8am. Looking forward to the trip! Neil (and Roger).
  12. nedpears

    UPDATED 2016 Roadtrip vs Bills - event thread

    Hello Howard, Unfortunately not, it was cheaper to buy in advance. It will be fine though as we have a car and it's only a short ride down route 1 to get to the other hotel. Cheers, Neil.
  13. nedpears

    UPDATED 2016 Roadtrip vs Bills - event thread

    Hello All, Cheers Howard, I agree with DG31 - the Courtyard makes the most sense based on the room availability. Unfortunately I got jittery last week after Tim's message and booked a double room at Hampton Inn directly as I didn't fancy the sofa bed option . But its no bother as I will have a car for the weekend and will meet everyone at the Courtyard on the Sunday morning with space in the back for 3 more roadtrippers. Neil.
  14. nedpears

    Red Sox game RT weekend

    Sure Danny, that's what I was worried about too!
  15. nedpears

    Red Sox game RT weekend

    Good news - tickets just landed on the doormat! If anyone wants me to send them their tickets ahead of travelling out then let me know, otherwise I will send the tickets to Mandy as she is arriving on the Wednesday into Boston, whereas I am on the Friday Virgin (VS011) flight from Heathrow and am just covering any risk of a delay and you not being able to get in! Alternatively if anyone is on the same flight I can give you your ticket on the plane... All the best, Neil.