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  1. Well, we will all be at the Green Man again, just like 2009 where we made more friends there than we did at the Sports Cafe party lol
  2. You are an 'active member' Jawa. Ok... soooooooo. That means what tier? lol
  3. I'm sorry if I missed this somewhere but have the e-mails gone out yet? I have not recieved anything yet and I am using the same email address I did back in 2009. I fall under this: Category 2 - UKP full members since before 19th January
  4. Is there an age limit to this event? I cant remember if there was one in '09 and this time I need to know before I buy tickets.
  5. We are flying in from Japan for this game. We went to the 2009 London game as well as the pre-game party and also the "morning of the game" breakfast/cookout UKPatriots hosted. We made many friends during our 2009 experience, (some we still keep in contact with on a regular basis through facebook). We really want to go to the pre-game party again, partly since we had such a great time in '09 and partly to see some of you that we had become (and stayed) friends with over the last 3 years. Funny because my wife was the one who won the "door prize" raffle in '09 at the pre-game party, heh.
  6. Just booked our flat. Because we are staying 8 days (in 2009 when we came in for the Pats game we stayed 13 days), we are renting a flat again instead of a hotel. We are staying in Central London just off Whitechapel Street. The decsription states it is two minutes walk from Aldgate East tube station.
  7. Section BK 537 Row 21 Seats 328 - 321
  8. I dont know where else to post this so I'll do it here (apology if its in the wrong place): There are 6 of us going to the game but I bought 8 tickets. Does anyone need 2 tickets? I will sell them at FACE VALUE and you will be sitting with us. I dont know how many people remember me, but my wife Stephanie and I flew from the states for the 2009 game and we went to the pre-game party the night before and met A LOT of you and made a lot of friends. We even went to the brunch thing the morning of the game and met even more of you. We have stayed in contact with a handful of the people we met on that weekend (Daniel Loghran, Jamie Roberts and others) I say this so people know we arent some strangers trying to sell tickets to the game here. We had a group of 8 of us and a couple couldnt afford the trip so we are down to 6. Just wanted to throw that out there. But Stephanie and I will be there again, and hoping to attend all pre-game parties like we did in 2009.
  9. My wife, Stephanie, and I were at the Saturday night party the night before. And it was fantastic. I really hope that we won't miss the tickets to this year's also. In 2009 we came over from America, this time we will be coming from Japan (thats where we live now.) ~Brian Paone
  10. the Patriots.com radio station had a very interesting segment about how different the game was compared to games in America, I felt they were honest and didnt candy coat it without bashing anything....
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