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  1. Hey guys, had a great time at the game But boston.com really got on my nerves reading it when i got home. All i read is how negative everything was about the game. They had a writer (forgot his name) write about how much he was hating everything and he came across as a real whiny **** Now a read a piece on how bad the reception was too nationally. Well it's a regular season blowout. It's a growing sport. What more do you expect? At the end of the day, you filled out a 90'000 seater stadium, the intrest is there, and it was a great show. It's growing.
  2. Wooo train leave at 10.10... get to london round 1ish. Then try not too get lost, find my hotel and off to wembley cant wait fairplay
  3. Hey guys, due to being a poor student i won't be getting to London till 1PM sunday, so i will miss most of the meet ups but i would like to head to the green man after the game, so if anyone would tell me where to head it would be very helpfull! And also i need some pats fans to help me out, i need some interviews for my uni course, so if anyone would like to help, cheers
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