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  1. Please let me know when and if you plan on taking t-shirt orders. Would like to get at least 3.
  2. Got home about 6 hours ago and just getting around reading the posts since last Wed. night. However, wanted to thank all of the UKPats, especially those who had a hand in the planning of the party Saturday night, for a wonderful time Saturday night. We all had a great time, especially my son. The topper of the night was the winning of a set if tickets for the game, but since I had tickets, I turned them back for someone to use who needed tickets in return for the signed calendar, (which made my son very happy). Special note to the management of the Sports Cafe. The big guy in the suit made it a special point to speak to my son about staying away from booze (protect his license), but also told him he was welcome after the game and would make sure he would be taken care of if he came. Nice guy. Sorry I didn't get to meet most of you, but the gents who had the mistaken pitcher of beer given to me by the waitress were pretty happy. (I asked for a pint and she brought a pitcher) BTW - Drinking that pint confirmed my 25 year plus on not drinking beer. Just don't like the taste. I'll stick to my Jack Daniels. Again, thanks for hospitality!!
  3. Still home. Will be leaving later in the day and arriving on the 22nd at 7am. Looking forward to seeing London, the game and the UKPats!!
  4. Ras


    UPDATE: More than likely, I'll be wearing a Wilfork jersey instead for the party and the game.
  5. Been watching My Fair Lady, Eddie Izzard and Monthy Python to brush up on my English.
  6. Ras


    Instead of my 50th birthday jersey, I'll be wearing my Hannah throwback. The little guy will also be coming, but in a slightly taller version.
  7. Last time I had any kind of beer, it was a 24 pint night and that was over 30 years ago. I used to drink Harp or Killian's Red (Coors product), but I guess over the years, beer does nothing for me. I know drink Jack Daniels (black label) and Gentleman Jack. With the possibility of numerous whiskeys on the shelves, what do you suggest. I've had Jameson's on a regular basis, but would like to try other brands not readily availble in the US. If this helps, I always drink my whiskeys or bourbons on the rocks or straight up (not shots).
  8. I've sent an e-mail, but received a canned reply that the event was sold out. How do I find out if I was lucky enough to get tickets?
  9. Ras


    With a nod to a couple of former suggestions and the Beatles; (sung to Yellow Submarine chorus) Tampa sails in a pansy pirate ship, a pansy pirate ship, a pansy pirate ship. repeat as often as necessary.
  10. I take it we one Fulham fan and one not. Actually, we got tickets to see the game due to Demspey playing on club. Dempsey was with the MLS Revs prior to Fulham and since we have been STH for the Revs (5 yrs) and the Pats (38 yrs), we decided this one-two game combo would be nice.
  11. Ras from PatriotsPlanet here!! Will be coming over Thursday morning before the game. We have tickets to the game and the NFL Tailgate. Also, I picked up tickets to Thursday night Fulham/AS Roma game. I would be very much interested in attending the UKPats party, too!
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