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  1. Thanks for the Welcome although I'm still sitting here in Boston in much anticipation of my Friday flight. As for the fuuny speaking I thought that was us Bostonians. We will mumble to each other...lol See you all Sat night at the party! Cheers!
  2. I hope that swine flu is on a different flight than mine Hope you feel better come gameday! Half pack and leaving on Friday from beantown!
  3. Yes thanks guys for our group. Will we see another email for tickets? I think you 2 guys will have a few pints coming from our way. Looking forward to meeting up!
  4. It amazes me the support our team gets! I'm from just outside Boston and have been to a party in Arizona for Patriots fan club but this takes the cake! 6 of us coming to party with our PATRIOTS from across the pond! The most anticipated trip of our lives! I can not even find a party like this around here..We will see you in 2 weeks! AT 5-1.. peace to all! GO PATS!!! Bill
  5. Passport? oh no is it to late? lol...can't wait to share some of my American charm and yes i'm a tad overweight and loud...But far from obnouxious that will be my brother. Actualy bringing the wives to keep us in line.
  6. Totaly agree this is a once in a lifetime trip. Hey just to let you know ticketmaster told me 7 days before and I got mine last week. Under 2 weeks until we leave and I'm coming out of my skin. See you there!
  7. What's up PATS fans...A group of 6 of us coming from Boston hope to attend! Looking forward to more info and meeting some UKPATS FANS! peace
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