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  1. Susie500

    Wembley 2012 Tickets

    Hey strangers. The joys of talking to some on facebook these days. Just thought I'd come on and say I don't think I'm gonna make it this year but if there's anything I can do to make you guys weekend then please let me know. Yes I'm quite a distance away but my phone is next to me and I'm a dab hand at making calls. Just let me know. Xx
  2. Susie500

    UKPatriots Superbowl XLIV Party

    We're not gonna make it. :( No ££s. Gutted!!!!
  3. Susie500

    Such A Shame

    I give up. We are all individual and I was just voicing an opinion. Obviously I was wrong for that.
  4. Susie500

    Such A Shame

    Very true comments. Just wanted to add that this is not something that I am bothering about as I know the weekend Mike and I had and I know it will stay with us for the rest of our lives. This was not posted out of annoyance but out of pity. I feel terribly sorry for people who feel they need to do this after, certainly the best weekend of our lives.
  5. Susie500

    Such A Shame

    Ooh can I join in next time. Especially if it's in the snow. lol. Good little wide receiver here. Will pack my studs :lol:
  6. Susie500

    Such A Shame

    Hey all, Just wanted to mention that I find the writings on bucpower.com to be a very sad way to write. I am not here slagging them off, I will point that out from the start. I was drawn to the site to get a different view from the weekend and was saddened to see what has been posted. I have always been able to understand competative behaviour and have often been part of it myself but I would never condone childish behaviour. OK I decided to edit this and add in what I read online.......... "What was a shame was the attitude taken by too many of the UK Patriots team at the event who did pretty much all they could to screw up the media event and then acted like spoiled children when they lost the second game played. Typical bandwagon British fans who think the NFL owe them everything and don't see the bigger picture". and.................. "Robert Kraft was out front and center in London Friday talking rubbish about an NFL franchise in London. But don't expect to see Bryan or Joel Glazer doing the same thing at the team practice at Wembley today - that just isn't their style". sad sad sad
  7. Susie500

    The "this Time Last Weekend I Was ....." Thread

    Aww is it a week already. This time last week we were at Richmond Park.
  8. Susie500

    Cafe 2000

    Yeah it was. It was awful. On the last day it definately improved. We could get a knife to cut the bacon. lol. At least we kinda knew what we were getting into so it wasn't a disapointment. Thanks for that.
  9. Susie500

    Banned Member

    I think it a very sad day when someone would do this. From my experiences this past while and especially over the weekend, I feel like we were welcomed into a family. I can't believe people sometimes. It's for reasons like this that people lose faith in humanity. At the end of the day they are nothing but sad and pathetic. They are the ones to lose out. PS I am still scouring the internet to try to find an old wives tale to remove marker pen.
  10. Susie500

    Things That Make You Smile .

    I have to say almost everything made me smile over the weekend and continues to do so. I also now have a FB "FRIENDS" list that is growing each time I log in. I have chatted to a few people on FB now and I think it's great that we are talking like we have known each other forever. I have to say though that my biggest smile came on Saturday night when Troy Brown made an appearance. It was the look on Mike's face. All he could say was "It's, it's f***ing Troy Brown!!". I honestly thought he was gonna burst so I thank you all for that and for a great weekend but mainly for your welcome and friendship which continues day by day. Thanks to you all. xx
  11. Susie500

    UKPatriots Superbowl XLIV Party

    We would love to be there especially after all the invites last weekend. lol. Will have to see Mike's shifts nearer the time.
  12. Susie500

    Wembley, Thanks And Thoughts

    Hi, I think it is such a shame that you feel the way you do about most of your weekend. It's such a pity you did not see it the way most of us did. I can speak for my Husband and I when I say that we had the most amazing time in London and EVERYTHING except the game itself is due to the hard work and devotion from those involved in setting up so many wonderful experiences. Yes the Sports Cafe was loud, hot and sweaty but I was certainly bowled over to see Mr Kraft and Troy Brown standing right in front of me. I could not imaging sitting in a news conference style area considering the circumstances. These people worked tirelessly to set this up. I also have to add that I am not an NFL expert. Does that mean I should have stayed at home this weekend or does it actually mean I should come along and get more understanding than I previously did. I'm sorry if you feel we all have to be experts on the game before being allowed to come along. So you got a dafty shouting the wrong thing at the wrong time. Is it that much of a problem to you or is it best to laugh it off and remember the dafty that was sitting next to you at the game. I can't even go on defending the rest of this. I hope I am not talking out of term on this and please remove this post if anyone feels I have but I think it is a sorry day when people are critisising so many things about such a wonderful weekend. You had the chance to go to SOLD-OUT ticketed events and can't seem to find anything good to say. I think people without tickets would've been sorry to hear that. I guess I'm just saying respect where respect is due. always look on the bright side. lol All I can finish on is thank you to those who made this the best weekend we have had in such a long time and helped to create memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives and sorry again if I have talked out of line.
  13. Susie500

    Does Anybody Know This Guy?

    lol I wish more people would have given their usernames and proper names. haha Should've taken pen and paper with me. Thanks for that.
  14. Susie500

    Does Anybody Know This Guy?

    Ok Craig I'm gonna jump on this bandwagon. I was talking to so many new faces at the weekend and so please forgive me if I offend someone but I was wondering who this is.................?
  15. Susie500

    Cafe 2000

    Hey, You are so lucky we had breakfast at the hotel for 3 days on the trot and I kept thinking it might get better but no such luck. At least it soaked up some of the booze. lol