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  1. I travelled on Rallybus last year. Really good service, goes to and from South Station in Boston. Costs about $35 return, arrives 3 hours before kickoff and leaves half an hour after the game finishes.
  2. Have interest in this, already seeing the pats in week 1 & 2 this season. Hopefully the boss doesn't need me in sept/oct haha!
  3. Managed to get 2 single tickets in the wait list sale for me & my mate. Block 133, row 10 & row 20. Anyone know if the folk at Gillette are generally kind enough to swap seats if we gave them the closer ticket? I know I've done this at man united over here before.
  4. Us too, think we are getting the coach down, Should arrive a few hours before game time!
  5. If anybody is in town for the chargers game then the Bruins are at home the night before. There is 4 of us planning on going, so if there are 6 more people out there who may fancy it then we can look at group tickets? No worries if not!
  6. He said he'd do well to pick up 2 together even if he's on the second they go on sale. He got to 2 games last season I think.
  7. Yeah I'm going to be there with a few mates. My cousin in Boston is on the season ticket wait list so he is going to try get some tickets in the pre-sale, if no joy then probably buy some off tickpick. Hoping the Celtics or Bruins are at home on the Monday or Tuesday so we can catch a game!
  8. jcuza

    2017 Road Trip

    Would love to get out to see the pats play the chargers, panthers is tempting also!
  9. Haha glad she was found out, after all the work people put in and the money the flags cost and people just try to take advantage, not on!
  10. Guys ive just got home, gotta say this weekend was AWESOME! Thanks to everyone who organised everything and thanks to everyone who i met and spoke to, nice putting some names to faces! Gotta love the Gronk chants!!!
  11. Have you got anymore players for your team? As we get closer to the game my team's struggling so if you have room for a couple of "vets" would you be interested in joining forces? Nope just me, my mate Bob & Tommo so far, Gladly have space for anyone who wants to join and kick ass!
  12. Wow would love to see this! Wonder what time they are going to be on though. The email from NFLUK said players and coaches would be on stage by 2pm. So we're going to have to move sharpish from the flag football. Thats what i was trying to work out, what is the easiest & quickest way from the flag football to Trafalgar square anybody know?
  13. Could anyone tell me the difference between getting a visitor Oyster card and just getting a regular one when we get there? Cheers
  14. If your looking for any merchandise go here, great American sports always have a decent selection of stuff and are cheaper than the tailgate and Nike store i think, il be heading over at some point anyway definitely!
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