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  1. Club Wembley Tickets

    i went club wembley in 09 and had as much Pats gear on as I could physically wear. the rest I gave to my wife, sister and mother.... we were fine!!
  2. Where Are You Staying For The London Game ?

    staying at home and coming up Sunday lunchtime as only in Brizzle aiming to get there before 1645 which is what my mother managed in '09!
  3. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    I know, I know, but i'll be there in spirit with you all! feel free t let me know songs etc and will start them in our block!! my mum and I managed to get 80 people dancing in a thunderstorm at edgbaston in 2005!!!
  4. Patriots At Wembley 2012

    my mum bought our tickets today! 3 x club wembley, right behind the east endzone... bargain was hoping to join the UKPats massiv, but when tickets are bought for me...! however, will be aiming to get to London earlier than the 1645 we managed in '09 lmfao... so will try meet you all at an event or Wembley!! CAN NOT WAIT!
  5. Bro, that photo of the boy is insanely cute!

  6. Nfl London Photos On Facebook

    all mine are here http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#...mp;id=900375276 it may be a private album, so just add me if you want to
  7. Ukpatriots Wembley Commemorative T-shirt

    ta! have used them in my forum sigs for aaaaages... sad aren't i
  8. Ukpatriots Wembley Commemorative T-shirt

    cool cheers Mandy
  9. Ukpatriots Wembley Commemorative T-shirt

    sorry, i've woken up now!! deffo be interested! are there ladies versions possible?
  10. Ukpatriots Wembley Commemorative T-shirt

    i'd be interested in a few too, would they be a re-run of the wembley ones?