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  1. San Fran for us. Already got a hotel booked for game day, virtually next to the stadium.
  2. Travel advice

    You register to be part of the Patriots Fanclub Outreach program (FCOR). You receive email updates and occasional Pro Shop offers etc. It does not entitle you to any ticket purchases from the Patriots. As a registered fanclub, we (UKPats) require our members to provide their details if they want to join our events.
  3. So as folks are starting to head out now, just a reminder of what will be happening on Gameday. Please be in the lobby at the Courtyard Hotel Norwood by 815am LATEST. We will be meeting Ed, Paul and Howard there and will leave as a group at about 0845. We aim to be in the parking lot as it opens at 9am Mark Jubb (Swindon Patriot) has been co-ordinating transport arrangements between hotel and stadium, with a number of volunteer drivers in rental cars. Those folks who are travelling as passengers in cars should cover the cost of the parking at Gillette. ($40 per car) We will aim to park as close to each other as possible in the parking lot for the tailgate. Tailgate food/drink/facilities are kindly arranged by Ed and Paul (thanks Ed and Paul!), and are covered in the cost of the game ticket payment. Anyone attending who is not part of the UKPats ticketed group, please check in with Waspie on making your contribution of $10 towards the costs. Game tickets will be collected early on the morning of the game and distributed at the tailgate as usual. It's your responsibility to make sure you are around to receive your ticket, so anyone heading off to the Pro Shop etc, make sure you have found Mark or I BEFORE around 1145 when we usually head in to the stadium! Remember the new NFL rule - no bags to go into the stadium, except for the official NFL clear bags. Howard has kindly provided one for each roadtripper (see above) - thanks Howard! Please check your email for the updated list of mobile phone numbers and take this with you in case you need to contact one of the group while you are away. After the game, we will head back to the tailgate. Any roadtrip regulars, please feel free to add any extra hints and tips to this list - I think it covers the main points.
  4. Attention all roadtrippers - please check your email for a message regarding RT weekend. Thanks! (please also reply to the request for input on gameday transport if you havent already done so.)
  5. Have you tried looking at the status of your application online? Last time we didnt receive any notification, just went online a day later and our status was approved with a reference number - which you must keep a note of, BTW.
  6. Now, now, you two. Play nice.....
  7. Another small roadtripper attendee list change: sanj2000 is now flying solo, and his 2nd ticket has been taken up by honkforgronk (judy). List now reads as follows: We shall be a group of 31 within the group, with a couple of others joining independently (waspie and martynb27). 33 overall. Applications received (total 31): David x 1 Hanks x 3 Aldo x 1 BognorPat x 1 DG31 x 1 Locke x 2 Rat Noir x 2 GrecianPat x 1 Patman x 2 BDD73 x 1 Swindon Patriot x 1 papalaz x 2 danny x 1 patriotsjay x 2 chelseafan71 x 2 sanj2000 x 1 Warren x 1 honkforgronk x 2 secret seagull x1 Bristol Pat x 1 pyschopats x 2
  8. Love the Red Hat. Best turkey club in Boston.
  9. Spoke to Ed last night - great news is that he is back coming to most games and will definitely be at ours. He is going to catch up with Paul to start talking tailgate :-)
  10. We are in Boston as usual.
  11. Don't forget to hopefully leave some time open while you are in the Boston area so Annabelle and Michael can say hello. We will do our very best!
  12. Our arrangements will be a bit more last minute this year as I may have to work around a work meeting in the US either the week before or after RT weekend. If it all works out, we are going to do a couple of days in New York, doing the Christmas shopping thing :-)
  13. Dont be nervous - we most likely wont lose you! ;-) Seriously though - as Warren says - the "organised" stuff with the group focusses on the gameday itself. We will go as a group from the hotel to the stadium (shared cars, volunteer drivers, everyone pitches in on cost for petrol/parking). We will get you back to the hotel some hours after the game finishes ! As far as travelling to Boston, folks usually start posting information on flight sales a few months in advance and then discussing what flights they might take. We do usually end up with a few people on the same flights out from Heathrow on the Thursday or Friday before.....just because of the concentration of people flying from the south. So, some people do meet at the airport beforehand. We then usually organise a couple of events/meet-ups closer to the time. See the Bruins thread started by David if you are interested in hockey on the Saturday night. Given that this is happening on the Saturday, and depending on who is in town by then, we might do the usual group meet up on the Friday night....... this frequently happens either at the Pourhouse or Whiskeys, both of which are on Boylston in downtown Boston. If you havent been to Boston before, I would say that going on Thursday and doing some of the sights would be a great idea - there is plenty to see in Boston itself. Hope this helps. Keep asking questions and sharing any concerns, and folks will share their experiences with you. With it being a December game its still kind of early to confirm details but once summer is over, you should start to see more in the way of confirmed plans. (and again - dont worry! I dont think we have had anyone along yet who didnt think this road trip was a blast of a weekend!)
  14. I should think so too! Onwards and upwards this year to re-establish our winning roadtrip pattern :-)
  15. 9 Roadtrips and we haven't lost anyone yet! But there's always a first time. Thought we lost last time? Cards wasn't it? Wasn't it a missed FG after using our get out of jail card in a really poor performance? we werent talking about games, we were talking about roadtrippers.......