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  1. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip planning thread

    Given the hideous traffic getting away from the ground, we tend to tailgate until they chuck us out! (which is usually 2 hours after the game). Quite a few folks stay in the local hotel that night, some buzz off back to Boston. I am sure folks will share plans on here once they are made.
  2. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip Official ApplicationS NOW CLOSED

    Application process is now CLOSED. This thread is locked.
  3. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip planning thread

    Nice job Howie - as always!
  4. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip Official ApplicationS NOW CLOSED

    Latest update on applications. We close the application process next Friday 15th June Date Board name Miami game Colts game 14-May papalazarou 1 1 14-May mrs laz 1 1 15-May Dermo 0 1 15-May Dougie1737 0 2 17-May Darius 1 2 17-May Damien 0 1 17-May Swindon Patriot 1 1 17-May Yabba's turd 2 2 18-May Carl 03 1 1 18-May Sarley 73 0 2 19-May Phil D 1 1 19-May Deadly 36 2 0 22-May David Cormack 1 0 23-May GlasgowPat 1 1 24-May jcuza 2 3 25-May warren 1 1 26-May Vangelis 1 0 28-May Rat Noir 2 2 28-May Seasider 2 2 29-May Rob 1 0 29-May SouthWalesPat 2 0 29-May David 1 1 30-May Chelsea Pat 0 2 30-May DG31 0 1 31-May JOnasSWE 2 2 04-Jun D-Lo 0 1
  5. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip Official ApplicationS NOW CLOSED

    Latest update on applications - we will have two very healthy attendances at this rate! Looking like we will close the application window earlier than planned as we are already approaching situation point: Board name Miami game Colts game papalazarou 1 1 mrs laz 1 1 Dermo 0 1 Dougie1737 0 2 Darius 1 2 Damien 0 1 Swindon Patriot 1 1 Yabba's turd 2 2 Carl 03 1 1 Sarley 73 0 2 Phil D 1 1 Deadly 36 2 0 David Cormack 1 0 GlasgowPat 1 1 jcuza 2 3 warren 1 1 Vangelis 1 0 Rat Noir 2 2 Seasider 2 2 Rob 1 0 SouthWalesPat 2 0 David 1 1 Chelsea Pat 0 2 DG31 0 1 JOnasSWE 2 2 Miami total Colts total 26 30
  6. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip Official ApplicationS NOW CLOSED

    Week 1 application update: Dolphins game: 12 Colts game: 16 Board name Date Miami game Colts game papalazarou 14-May 1 1 mrs laz 14-May 1 1 Dermo 15-May 0 1 Dougie1737 15-May 0 2 Darius 17-May 1 2 Damien 17-May 0 1 Swindon Patriot 17-May 1 1 Yabba's turd 17-May 2 2 Carl 03 18-May 1 1 Sarley 73 18-May 0 2 Phil D 19-May 1 1 Deadly 36 19-May 2 0 David Cormack 22-May 1 0 GlasgowPat 23-May 1 1
  7. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip planning thread

    Thanks Howie- as always your help is much appreciated
  8. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip Official ApplicationS NOW CLOSED

    The Norwood hotel we have used previously has been the Hampton Inn - however one of our US buddies usually helps out by negotiating a group rate, so you may wish to wait for that. Whatever you decide though, please bear in mind that any travel you decide to book now is at your own risk - you are not confirmed on the assigned ticket list yet and wont be for a while. I understand you are keen to get some thing sorted - however we are not guaranteed anything at this point. To get a flavor of how things work, have a look at the threads from previous years' roadtrips.
  9. We are delighted to announce the games for the 2018 UKPatriots Roadtrip – that’s right, GAMES! This year, we are doing things a little differently as we have been offered the chance to purchase tickets for two games, which are scheduled 5 days apart in late September, early October: Date: Sunday 30th September 1300hrs Venue: Gillette Stadium Vs: Miami Dolphins And/or: Date: Thursday 4th October 2020hrs Venue: Gillette Stadium Vs: Indianapolis Colts Here is how it will work: only one of the games – the Miami game on Sunday 30th September - will be designated as the official roadtrip game, where we will get together as a group on the day. For the other game, you will be on your own apart from collecting your tickets on the day of the game/sitting together for the game. Folks can apply to attend either one of the games OR both games – as long as the usual roadtrip rules are met (see below). Here are the rules for applying for tickets for this year’s roadtrip from the UK. Please only apply for the trip if you are serious about attending! Roadtrip Rules: - To be accepted for the roadtrip, you must be a full registered member of UKPatriots.com forum and fanclub. If not already a full member, please PM jaco for details on how to become a full registered member. IMPORTANT: Being a member of the Facebook group only does not entitle you to apply for tickets – the Facebook group is merely one of several social media/communications channels and does not represent full membership of the fanclub. - Full registered members may apply for tickets to either one OR both games. - Maximum 2 tickets per game per initial application. (You may express an interest in more than 2 tickets in case eventual availability permits – we will keep a reserve list.) - FULL deposit per ticket paid upfront (amount/date to be confirmed once pricing is known). Includes: cost of ticket (face value of tickets will be confirmed once known). To give an idea, last year we were assigned $160 tickets, for which a payment of £130 was required. - Note: payment of deposit does not guarantee ticket assignment and acceptance of deposit does not constitute a contract to supply tickets. If we can’t get enough tickets the unlucky applicants will receive a full refund. Should demand outstrip supply and we need to prioritise applications, factors such as membership level, sustained board activity and contribution to site funding will be taken into account. All final decisions will be taken by the moderator team. - Once ticket deposits are paid, drop-outs are non-refundable. We will attempt to sell drop-outs but make no guarantee of this OR you can try to sell on to someone from this board. Tickets MAY NOT be re-sold on ebay or any other public auction site or to non-members of this board. Be aware that tickets are only made available to us on gameday at the stadium itself. What to do NOW – initial applications to be received by Friday 15th June. Send PM via UKPatriots to mrs laz, with the following details: a. Number of requested tickets per game (max 2 per game) b. Name c. Home Address d. Telephone number e. Email address f. Payment method: cheque or bank transfer (note – all transfer fees at cost of sender – please add). g. Confirm acceptance of the above Roadtrip Rules mrs laz will PM back to acknowledge application receipt, with the appropriate details for payment following once the ticket pricing has been confirmed. Once payment funds are received, mrs laz will confirm back by PM and your name will be on the initial list. As always, do not book any travel until you have been told you are on the confirmed list. Any questions, feel free to ask!
  10. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip planning thread

    FYI for all those interested - we should be able to provide an update soon - just waiting for ticket pricing to be confirmed.
  11. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip planning thread

    Chelseafan Chris is based in Canada. No pondhopping for him.
  12. So - for anyone interested, we have taken the first step of reaching out to the Patriots to see which games we might be offered. This initial process usually takes a couple of weeks as they are still establishing the pricing tiers, which games will be premium games etc. All updates will be posted here once known.
  13. mrs laz

    2017 Wk 14 vs Miami

    Anyone had "the talk" with him yet?!
  14. mrs laz

    Roadtrip 2017 discussion thread

    Just gamedays, However you could get a train to Walpole and cab/Uber it from there?
  15. mrs laz

    Roadtrip 2017 discussion thread

    Also for anyone getting the bus (Leanne and Gaz I believe?) - you must be at the tailgate by 11am latest to collect your tickets. See email for more details.