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  1. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip planning thread

    Thanks to all who attended for making it another great weekend. See you all next year with the 16th (apparently!) Anniversary Roadtrip :-)
  2. mrs laz

    Gameday arrangements

    tailgate details for Miami game: parking lot p10 pole 5207. look for the tailgate2000 bus.
  3. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip planning thread

    WhatsApp group is now up and running.
  4. mrs laz

    Gameday arrangements

    Thanks Mark for sorting this. And thanks to all the volunteer drivers. Usual rules apply - if you are a passenger in someone's car, you are expected to cover the cost of parking at the stadium. Drivers do not pay. Parking is $40 per car.
  5. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip planning thread

    Good idea - will sort this tomorrow
  6. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip planning thread

    Mark has described things perfectly. Our friend Paul (bruschifan) will bring along some Sam Adams which is covered under your game ticket - but the rest of tailgate offerings need a contribution. There are cash cans on the tables to put your contribution into so please go ahead and do that on the day itself. The tailgate is organized by Tailgate2000 group and they are a LOT of fun. It's a fantastic opportunity to experience a proper tailgate and mix with a lot of different Pats fans. The tailgate itself is held in Parking lot P10 - which is just across the road from the stadium. I don't have the specific pole number yet (the poles are the way to orientate yourselves and get to the right place in a big space!) but that will be confirmed before the games so keep an eye open! Another polite reminder that if you are coming in independently (via Rally Buss or other means) you MUST come and find us to collect your tickets - at least 1.30hrs before gametime.
  7. mrs laz

    Gameday arrangements

    My life is ruled by lists and spreadsheets. It's the only way to make sure I don't forget stuff!
  8. mrs laz

    Gameday arrangements

    No formal plans but hopefully those of you at the hotel can find each other. A few of us will be at a wedding reception over at Salem but I know some will then travel over to the hotel late on.
  9. mrs laz

    Gameday arrangements

    CALLING ALL ROADTRIPPERS!! Only 3 weeks now until the first of our two roadtrip games on Sunday 30th September. Here are the gameday arrangements - please pay attention to the timings as you will need to know these to be able to collect your tickets on the day. This is especially important if you are going directly to the game and not travelling as part of the group from the hotel. We are delighted to be tailgating again with the legendary Tailgater2000 group - these guys are brilliant fun and provide a splendid pre/post-game get-together. Note: you will need to make a contribution to the tailgate on the day if you are taking advantage of their food/drinks. Their tailgate takes place in parking lot P10 which is directly across the road from the stadium itself. The actual pole number will be posted closer to the time as it sometimes changes. Sunday 30th September (vs Miami): 0830 - Leave gameday hotel in car group 0900 - Reach stadium, start tailgating! 1130 - LATEST TIME TO PICK UP TICKETS FROM TAILGATE 1300 - game starts Thursday 4th October (vs Indy): 1530 - Leave gameday hotel in car group 1600 - Reach stadium, start tailgating! 1830 - LATEST TIME TO PICK UP TICKETS FROM TAILGATE 2000 - game starts What to do now: Swindon Patriot (Mark) is co-ordinating car arrangements from the hotel. Please comment here to confirm if you are travelling from the hotel and need a car place OR if you are travelling directly to the game and meeting at the tailgate. Look out for a PM to confirm your mobile phone number in case we need to contact you during the trip. As usual, any questions - shout up!
  10. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip planning thread

    If it helps with your decision, you need to be at the tailgate to collect your tickets by 1130hrs LATEST.
  11. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip planning thread

    Ticket update: we are now fully paid up with the Patriots. Roadtrip AHOY!
  12. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip planning thread

    Yes - you will be asked to meet at a specific organized tailgate before the game to collect your ticket. You will need to be there at least 2 hours before gametime. More details to follow closer to the time.
  13. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip planning thread

    we heard good things last year from the folks who came in on the coach service. would avoid the train if you want to spend any time before/after the game.
  14. mrs laz

    What to do between The Dolphins & Colts games

    I think Warren likes the Thelma and Louise sound of it......!
  15. mrs laz

    2018 Roadtrip planning thread

    One week left until payment deadline. We have about half our payments in. One applicant has decided not to proceed, and another is proving very difficult to contact, despite requests on here, text, email so far. If you know this is you and you do not make contact by the payment deadline, I will have to remove you from the list. If you no longer require the tickets, please confirm. thanks.