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  1. It's gonna take a miracle from the Dolphins for us not to win the division. Unfortunately it will take a miracle from the Chiefs and the Vikes to give us a chance at the bye. Unless of course we beat the Ravens and the Bills. But it looks almost certain that today is a hat and t-shirt day.
  2. Cupcakes

    I never really wanted a cupcake as I wasn't all that hungry. But Warren practically forced one down my throat and I'm glad he did. It was feckin delicious. I even went back for a second one.
  3. I wouldn't say no to any of them to be honest. But I do prefer brunettes.
  4. For me it was a toss up between Staphanie and Lisa Marie. But having been within touching distance of them when they were doing their routine on stage at the Sports Cafe and having had the honour of standing inbetween two of them in the huddle, I have to go for Stephanie. She was amazing. I couldn't take my eyes off of those pompoms all night.
  5. Massive Thank You

    I was the one blocking your view of the kitchen Ade.
  6. Massive Thank You

    I will echo the sentiments of this thread. It was a fantastic weekend and none of it would be possible without the hard work of the mods. I bet Ady and James would be delighted if they never had to see another spreadsheet again. Thanks go out to Damo for setting up the Wembley tour which I enjoyed a lot and for the flag football which I also enjoyed despite my one good play being called back for a penalty because a certain QB didn't know where the line of scrimmage was. Thanks to Mark for getting some peeps together for the SB&G. Thanks to James for all his efforts getting the pregame party organised. The party was a huge success and ran very smoothly. And thanks to Ady for getting the game tickets and personally making sure that everybody got what they needed. Well done to Ted and Dave for their efforts for the pub tour. Thanks to the Patriots organisation for sending over those cheerleaders. That was certainly a highlight of the first 2 days. And Robert Kraft for taking time out of his busy schedule to come to the pregame party and proving that he is the best owner in the NFL. The entire weekend was just an amazing experience and it shows that we have the best fans club in the world. PS. We seem to be getting a lot of traffic due to that banner. And seen as I was one of the ones holding said banner, do I get a commission for this?
  7. OMG

    We were in the Nike store today. The selections were pretty poor. Still can't find a Wilfork. They did have a white Brady that I set my sights n as I don't have a white Brady. And I also had to move up a size from what I usually got with Reebok. But I decided not to get it because of the price. £70. I was told that I could get the same jersey in America for $70. So I will wait a little bit longer and get one from America.
  8. Wembley Tour Final Details and Payment

    Got to say I thoroughly enjoyed that tour. Well worth it. Thanx Damo for sorting that out.
  9. Boston Logan To London Heathrow

    I always wait for change. Even if it is only a penny.
  10. It also means we wont have to wear bibs. I hate wearing bibs. I'm worse than Balotelli.
  11. Should Team Gower (we can work on the name later) have a designated team colour. I suggest we all wear red. We'll stand out more and we'll put the fear into everyone.
  12. Flash mob

    Doesn't have to be balls. You can Gronk spike anything. Empty cans(although that might be considered littering), jumpers, hats(nobody comment about me chucking my hat down the stairs during the Chelsea game ), cats(cruel but unlike dogs, they have nine lives and they always land on their feet so no harm done ), you name it. If you can pick it up it can be Gronked.
  13. Yeh. I'm up for that. I'll be the possession receiver. If we need 10 yards for the first down or score I will run a 10 yard cross route. If we need 20 yards for the first down or score I will run a 10 yard cross route. And it's a good job you didn't put me at CB because I cant cover anybody without cheating. Damo. Are you playing?
  14. UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    I'm loving the BB hoody.
  15. UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

    I'll take 1. 3xl. Better safe than sorry.