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  1. What a shame the RT unbeaten run has ended And the way it was lost......................what an absolute choker
  2. The novelty has worn off for some of the "bandwagoneers" already then
  3. Just sorted the accomodation for me and the bro-in-law. Staying with Stumaloo and his gang at the Best Western in Harrow. Expect an email requesting 2 tickets tomorrow Ade. Gotta go now as it's the missus's birthday and I've been "up the loft" for long enough today.
  4. I'm still up for one of these, so put me down for one please Howard Perhaps Jaco could do the honours and fetch mine back across the pond for me as I can easily transfer the postage costs into his bank account I think
  5. I'll probably take one please Howard Just need to see the finished article before committing. Pretty sure one of the RT crew will see it reaches me. Bless 'em
  6. Well this thread certainly needed a dusting off Congratulations to Norrie and his "Paisley Buddies" on lifting the Contract league crown for the first time this season It's about time me and Ade relinquished our stranglehold on it
  7. Thanks for the digs offer SBD (and the train times Mark) but I'm afraid I'll have to give this a miss Just realised I've got tix for Peter Kay at Sheffield Arena on the Friday 26th and as I'm on afters both days it would mean using 2 holidays which my quota can ill afford If I'm not careful I'm going to end up using all my hols in the winter and be stuck grafting in t'factory all summer I'll be relying on the Sky+ not to mess up and watching the game when I get in around 10-30pm Thanks again, Stron.
  8. Although the Bodean's do sounds great I'd be very pleased if I was cordially invited to Flipper's soiree in Sheffield by 'eck. Just hope one of "The Northern Three Amigos" reads this post, takes the hint, subtle as a brick though it is, and get's Flipper (a Dolphin & Blades fan ) to invite this Patriotic Owl :-) No pressure
  9. 6 of us in there already mate. Took a short while to load. Keep trying
  10. Hey Ade, any chance of changing that pesky draft date? Below are the remaining dates that you & I could make (copied & pasted from the Premier Div. thread) Fri 13th August Mon 16th August Sun 22nd August Sun 5th Sept
  11. TBH I'd really rather be there on the night if it can be arranged somehow
  12. Ade I can't make the current draft night. Just worked out my new shift rota and I'm working 'til 10pm See my post on the same matter in the Premier league thread for alternate dates I can make
  13. Well that's it now then Andy. With a roadtripper attending the game we are guaranteed the W. Nice one fella Can you stay on and visit the Qualcomm next weekend please Then back to Gillette when we host the Jets in the AFCCG
  14. stron


    About 4 inches deep where I live, which is one of the higher parts of Rotherham. Not looking forward to trying to get in to work for 6am in the morning (first shift back after the hols) Our site is at one of the lowest spots in Rotherham so it's all downhill going , then all uphill when I'm trying to get home at 6pm At least I only have to negotiate about 50 yards of our side street and then I hit a major arterial dual carriageway, once I'm on that it's all main roads until the final mile of site roads which, hopefully, Corus will have made passable Call me an old fogie but I hate snow, it's nowt but a bloody inconvenience
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