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  1. Wembley 2012 Ticket Applications

    The novelty has worn off for some of the "bandwagoneers" already then
  2. Wembley 2012 Ticket Applications

    Just sorted the accomodation for me and the bro-in-law. Staying with Stumaloo and his gang at the Best Western in Harrow. Expect an email requesting 2 tickets tomorrow Ade. Gotta go now as it's the missus's birthday and I've been "up the loft" for long enough today.
  3. FF Contract Lg 2010

    Well this thread certainly needed a dusting off Congratulations to Norrie and his "Paisley Buddies" on lifting the Contract league crown for the first time this season It's about time me and Ade relinquished our stranglehold on it
  4. FF Contract Lg 2010

    8 in now
  5. FF Contract Lg 2010

    6 of us in there already mate. Took a short while to load. Keep trying
  6. FF Contract Lg 2010

    Hey Ade, any chance of changing that pesky draft date? Below are the remaining dates that you & I could make (copied & pasted from the Premier Div. thread) Fri 13th August Mon 16th August Sun 22nd August Sun 5th Sept
  7. FF Contract Lg 2010

    TBH I'd really rather be there on the night if it can be arranged somehow
  8. FF Contract Lg 2010

    Ade I can't make the current draft night. Just worked out my new shift rota and I'm working 'til 10pm See my post on the same matter in the Premier league thread for alternate dates I can make
  9. The 09 Contract Bowl

    And after I saved your bacon (or is it mutton) in the Premier league mate
  10. The 09 Contract Bowl

    Here comes the Bride Ok, I've given all you fellow Contract players a few days to slap me on the back and big up the Astros but seeing as there are no takers, I'll just have to do it myself, I guess After two seasons of my Linkin Park Astros losing in the final to Ade's Spicy Meatballs they've finally shaken off that bridesmaids' tag and won it all Eventual finalists, Surrey Bus Drivers, knocked out my bogey team (the Meatballs) in the semis with the best points haul of the season at 204 Unfortunately, for the Bus Drivers, they peaked too early and the Astros had a relatively nerve-free 164-125 win to claim that elusive title The Astros did it in style topping the final table with an 11-3 record and the best points haul at 2093. They also averaged a not too shabby 150+ points/game over the 16 weeks. Now the rebuilding has to start with several key players out of contract and a probable adjustment to the PPR scoring meaning the repeat is gonna be extremely difficult
  11. The 09 Contract Bowl

    Yeah I noticed I was to be thankful for letting you beat me last week Ade I knew I needed to avoid my bogey team if I was to have any chance of slipping out of that bridesmaid's dress this season Trouble is Surrey's mob have hit their peak just at the wrong time for me I'll just have to hope they've peaked a week too early
  12. Such A Shame

    Don't give up Susan This site is all about opinions and you're fully entitled to yours. I think what some of the guys are trying to put over is that you should let it lie and not let the idiots over at BucPower spoil your memories of a top weekend Bandwagon fans eh I bet most of the members of BucPower signed up around the time of SB XXXVII
  13. Nfl London Photos On Facebook

    Added mine here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=5216...mp;l=b02198fb0d I think they should be available to all but if not just send a friend request with your UK Pats member name
  14. Wembley, Thanks And Thoughts

    My thoughts on a weekend to remember. Arrived in time to put a lot of faces to names prior to the flag game in Richmond Park. I wanted to get down the smoke in time for this as I knew a lot of the long serving board members would be there. Got to meet the guys I've been agreeing with, arguing with and jousting with in fantasy games over the past few years. Added bonuses were the lovely cheerleaders (especially when they had no qualms about having their photo taken with a big old ape like me) and being encouraged to play a couple of snaps on D against the Buc Power "ringers" even though it was obvious that if we were gonna turn the game around then we really needed our best players in all the time. Thanks guys After a u-turn filled journey to drop some of the guys at Barnes station (eventually found it down a leafy little lane) endured an hour long stop/start drive to the digs at the Green Man. A quick turn around ensued before meeting LuckyTucker, HullPatriot101 and his mate, the jammy Giants fan, Gareth in the bar for a swift 'un while waiting for the minicab (30 mins late) to arrive. Another hour long journey to the Sports Cafe followed. The Sports Cafe do was fine really, as a few have said before a more open-plan venue would have been better suited but I suppose if you want the bigwigs to show you have it somewhere they're able and willing to get to. It was a good night and to see the smile on Stumaloo's face when he won the big one was worth the price of admission (sic) alone. As the passive Welshman pointed out earlier the only thing that took a slight shine off of things was that bloody Patriots security jobsworth who upset several harmless folk, myself included. If I was twenty years younger I'd have taken him outside and resurfaced the Haymarket with him, the obnoxious little slaphead Another cock-up on the cab front meant that the Green Man crew's plan for a few brews back at the digs fell through. After an hour long wait for a minicab we'd phoned at just after 10 we decided to hail a black cab at 11.15 and sod the expense (and let me tell you that was a big decision for 4 Yorkshiremen and a Scotsman ). Think the Green Man bar was still open when we finally got there but we were exhausted to a man and I'm pretty sure we all hit the sack. Game day morning arrived and I spent some time hanging with and chatting to various UK Pats before heading to Cafe 2000 for a brunchtime rendezvous with that fat bloke off the telly. Back up "that bloody hill" to the Green Man which by now was heaving. Chatted with an ever growing contingent of UK Pats from both sides of the pond and a cantankerous old git from Spain whose name escapes me (only kidding Teddy baby). Nice to find out that I'm only the 2nd biggest UK Patriot, Waspie takes those honours On to the game itself. My first time at either Wembley and I've gotta say it's pretty impressive. One thought struck me though. Why is it ok for women to use men's toilets at gigs yet I didn't see one bloke dare to enter the ladies at Wembley despite the horrendous queues! The game itself was a bit of a lacklustre affair if truth be told. I was sat next to Swindon and when we went 14-0 up I said to him there's no way we lose this now as there's no way the Buccs will score 14 points. Mind you the Pats D needs to stop getting teams into 3rd and long situations and then giving up 20+ yard plays. Still it was great to see our heroes in the flesh and cheer WWW as he racked up those fantasy points for me eh Chris Spent half an hour after the game exploring every possible eatery at the bottom of Wembley Hill Road before plumping for an Indian restaurant. We sat, we waited, we got ignored. We decided to leave and ended up having a very nice donner kebab from the American Grill just across the road. Back up "that bloody hill" for a few post game pints at the Green Man where I had the unenviable pleasure of meeting the gobshite who is NEArmy Jeez that bloke can rattle for England wish I could have gotten my hands on whatever he was on LuckyTucker (Symon), HullPatriot101 (Dwayne) and me were the last men standing at the Green Man when the staff switched the outside lights off at a little past midnight. Climbed the wooden hill to my room just in time to see Merriweather make the pick 6 on the BBC highlights show. Watched the rest of that and then hit the hay to enjoy sweet dreams of a sweeeeeeeet weekend Thanks to everyone (except that psycho security guy) for making it a very special weekend Ooops! My thoughts seem to have turned into a diary blog. But what the heck I can always revisit this post when my memories start to fade. That happens at my age you know P.S. I've just found out that the most emoticons you can add to a post on here is 10. I'd used about 17 I think so had to go about reducing them before my post was accepted ;-) Can't stop me doing that though or this :-)
  15. Cafe 2000

    I had a hearty breakfast (#3 I think it was, 2 rashers, 2 sos, egg, mushrooms, toms, beans & 2 b& on Sunday around noon. So brunch really Washed down with a £1 glass of milk while having a good old chinwag with that fat bloke off the telly Shoulda ordered a prawn sarny when I saw him lurking in the corner