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  1. Best Seats at Gillette

    One advice I would give - now is the time to treat. When you are 40 - BB will possibly have retired, TB will probably have retired and we may not be as good. In fact we won't be as good as we are now because I struggle to see how we could be any better than going 19-0 and winning every game by 50+ points. So do it now when you go to the game and enjoy the greatest team in football. When you are 40 will you have spent $300 on a ticket to see them get shut out by the SB winning Jaguars . . . ?
  2. Gameday Questions

    Having done Saturday morning @ HoF and spend $500 in the shop (when it was $2 = £1 almost) then I 100% agree with the wisdom of Husky. Take the advice of a sage like local. And love the comment about MA drivers - and he used to drive things with flashing blue lights so has more experience than most! And also from our experience of an evening game (or any game for that matter) - don't expect to be out of the lot until 1am and not into Boston until 02:30. So sitting in the lot tailgating after the game is a necessity and plans need to be made. And the security do try to kick you out of the stadium as they want to go home.
  3. Travel to Boston

    Shower gels and shampoos from the hotel? Probably cheaper to buy in the US and dump them than buy the mini ones in the UK. Shave foam is always the problem so shaving stick and brush - but even that has been searched for by Manchester Aiport so now that goes in the 1L bag (along with inhalers if you use them). Also agree - always pack 1 day of clothes in the carry on. My bag from Manchester via Heathrow and JFK finally caught up with me at Halifax NS by 8 pm the next night. The overnight stuff allowed me to still look decent in the meetings (and after that it was Toronto, Minneapolis, Chicago, Houston, Columbus OH, Savannah, New York and then back to Europe, so sometimes even I take hold luggage!)
  4. Travel to Boston

    Some people like to wear fresh, clean clothes though. Or buy a few things from the Pro Shop We did - about $500 dollars worth including 2 shirts with Roberts on the back - which confused the heck out of the locals - who? When did he play
  5. Not really a bad seat at Twickenham? Are you serious? This is Rams v Giants - they are all bad seats - - - - - - they all face the pitch
  6. Travel to Boston

    I did. 12 years a global purchasing manager, around 1000 flights, with hold luggage lost twice in the first two months taught me how to never take liquids (shaving sticks and hotel toiletries) and to pack enough clean stuff for the trip and cut down on bulky stuff by wearing it. The only time I came unstuck was a trip to Rotterdam and to the best Italian Trattoria in the city (a Proposito next to the station. Tell them you are a friend of Mr Manchester) when the top came off a 1 litre can of olive oil as it was being poured onto my pasta and 10ml went on the pasta and the other 990ml went on my jumper and one and only pair of trousers. And with a credit card, I can always go and get a new pair, except the meeting started at 8:30 the next morning.
  7. Travel to Boston

    You mean you are taking hold luggage? How long are you going for? a month? Some serious packing education needed both in terms of how to pack and what to take. We did Friday to Wed morning back on carry on for our road trip.
  8. Caption on the 8th picture must be wrong. Edelman "high fives" the EZM - for Julian it may have been high but for the militia men, surely they need to be bending down to meet his high five?
  9. I think heart defibrillators may be more useful next year. And if they are going to continue to play like this could I suggest that to help a local charity totally finance a new wing for the children's hospital a "Swear Box" for contributions (no hard evidence but just a hunch it would have overflowed this year). And so gutted with the Pats organisation's mess up that the film crew were unable to film you guys singing something to the tune of "Walking in a Winter Wonderland"
  10. Oh me of little faith in TB and BB. In fact that is the first time we have recovered a kick off since, well since Everton won at Old Trafford - oh wait that was only Wednesday. Well it was 18 years so I didn't realise we were allowed to do this. Something the NFL had written into the rule book. So 12 points with 2:35 remaining - - - - OK, off to write out 100 times I must not write off Tom Brady until time has expired. On the other hand, with a nerve wrecking performance like that, I think if I had been in Foxboro, then my heart may have expired!
  11. I switched into my Pats Shirt as I got off the flight on the last winning road trip. Got a really nice welcome from the guy on immigration.
  12. About £750 for the flights and hotels and transport and then the same amount again for the Pro-shop and Beers
  13. Or just swimming trunks if you are a Newcastle United supporter