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  1. Hey Howard we will try and buy tickets for the train as soon as we arrive in Boston tomorrow morning (tried via the internet but not possible). If not we will try buying tickets on a coach which leaves Boston early morning on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing you :-)
  2. Hey... Only 3 days left! I'm PMing you my mobile number so we can arrange to meet up before the game?
  3. Tickets booked - Upper Midfield 331.. Have only ever sat in the lower stand before. V. Excited !! :-)
  4. Maybe we can get together. Let me know when you arrive and when you are leaving Boston and where you are staying.. Yes that would be great Howard! A buddy of mine and I will be arriving in Boston on Saturday and leaving on Monday. Also catching the Sox-Blue Jays game on Saturday night :-) Staying at 40 Berkeley.
  5. Hi, yes I was at the Jets game last season. Some Pats fans were wearing jerseys (including me!) and if you look out you will notice them scattered around the stands - there is no real 'danger'. The worst part in my opinion can potentially be when you are sat watching the game if you are unlucky to be seated a few rows in front of some loudmouth annoying Jets fan(s) who decide to pick on you from a distance (which is very likely ;-) I did get some stick but completely ignored them and after a while they shut up but I can see how it is pot luck who you will have sitting 5-10 rows behind you with no 'escape' for 4 quarters!) When the Jets fans sitting near you find out you're from the UK they will leave you alone, it's the ones sitting further behind who may make the viewing experience 'uncomfortable' lol. Absolutely no issues on the train, outside the stadium, the bars etc. and it is a wonderful feeling to exchange high fives with random Pats fans whenever you come across them. There is also the 'interesting' experience of going to the gents' for a slash and finding out you are literally the only person wearing a Pats jersey surrounded by dozens of Jets fans with the inevitable exchange of banter... ha ha Overall based on my experience last year I would wear a Pats jersey again as it certainly adds to the experience.
  6. Ticket Updates

    Thanks for the update Ade
  7. No my buddy's originally from Germany! After we went to the amazing Jets - Patriots game last year (which turned around our entire season), he is now a Pats fan. Great idea about the tailgate - thank you! Not sure about Patriots80 but we're certainly in
  8. Let me know if you go to the Colts game - I will be there with a friend who lives in NYC