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  1. Is there any more spaces for this? As i would like to join in this time round
  2. I most likely wont be able to attend seeing as my team start pre-season on the 6th but i should be in London by around 5ish if thats not too late.
  3. Looks like Travelodge has cottoned on to things for this weekend and no doubt seen a rise in bookings so price has gone up to £42.75 saver rate for single/twin for one night. Just thought id let you all know Update On a side note, i got a spare +1 bed for the night. So if anyone wants to take up the spare bed let me know.
  4. Yeah, well turns out i was both of the aboved mentioned. I played around abit with it and eventually found it. Ta for the help SS
  5. Maybe im being blind or stupid or both. But i cant seem to find the rooms for £35.75 you guys have booked. Can you help me out at all? All it says is £95 and sod if im paying that Or i could just take a chance with the night bus back home.
  6. Ah that sounds awesome, ill be up for some football action
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