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  1. Massive Thank You

    Is that all? I can't get escape from the image of him doing my wife! You have Beth to thank for that..it was her idea! Haha
  2. Don't mess around doing that. It's an absolute trek from there. Go northbound to Euston on the Victoria line then change at Euston and head northbound on the Northern line and get off at Camden Town. Walk down Parkway and enter through Gloucester Gate. We'll be right there.
  3. Wembley Tour Final Details and Payment

    Glad everyone had a great time
  4. Of course there is! I'll stick you in the under 30s! IMPORTANT NOTE: we have special guests arriving who will only be available fom 10am until 11am....therefore we would like you there for a 10am START.
  5. Guys, Can I recommend that you bring white and blue to see if we can get alternate colours going. I am sourcing some bibs but it would be good if we don't have to use them. I'll be bringing all three.
  6. I have put you down. A friend of mine is also coming along also so, if you and Tonmo can play, we will have six at least to get things started.
  7. I've stuck you in the over 30s for now. I have a feeling there will be a little tweaking on the day anyway.
  8. We have TBX and weren't you stating some net rest on the other thread? We also have myself if we have enough players which, if 2009 is anything o go by, we will have more than enough of.
  9. Wembley Tour Final Details and Payment

    If there are spaces available they come on a first come first serve basis.
  10. Awesome. I'll be bringing along a backup ball too so we'll be well stocked!
  11. I fall in the over 30 category. I will join welshlancspat and Steve on the Over 30s. I don't mind combining with the under 30s to form a super team if we need to bolster the numbers. I'll add you to the list!
  12. So... under 30s - jcuza, bob, tommy (questionable), Damien, William Pettitt, Scottay, mringsell NOTE: I may not be able to play however much I want to...so we still need to bolster the numbers. Over 30s - welshlancspat, Steve, Swindon Patriot, Boone, Bamnation Gower Street - James, Ade, Rory, Jacob, Graham, Paul, Danny, Chris, Jamie, Aldo, Andy. If we can get enough I want to split this group and add a couple of outsiders to both teams to make up their numbers. As said, I know we will have more than enough on the day but I don't want to mess about trying to arrange it there and then. If you want to be added to any of these categories then please let me know...if you can get a fourth team together without me dividing the Gower Street lot up then great.
  13. So we have : Team one (under 25s): jcuza, bob, tommo Team two (over 30s): welshlancspat, Steve I'm going to work on dividing the Gower Street bunch (as there are a lot) in to two but will need more interest in these teams. Tommo may be out so we ill see how that sits and I can play if there isn't too much running around to be done. So we ideally want under 30s and over 30s for the two teams. We will have the numbers on the day but I'd ideally like to arrange the teams before the day itself.