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  1. They're public sale, they just hold the tickets back and have them on separate sales. I can buy tickets to the series just before, but the August and September Yankees series go on sale separately tomorrow. Anyone can buy them. We have in the past I believe sorted out group rates, but it will be tough to do that because they usually enforce a stricter ticket limit for the Yankees games.
  2. Norwegain are great. Food isn't all that, so I would recommend just bringing your own on board! But it is what it is, a budget airline offering long-haul options. They use the Dreamliner which is very comfortable. If you're only doing a long weekend, you may even get away with just carry-on luggage. When our directors fly out to me here in Boston/NY we use them all the time.
  3. As some of you know, I proposed to my girlfriend over here in America and on 29th September we will be getting married in Salem, MA. This arrangement is perfect, as I don't think I can justify going to the game on Sunday the morning after with guests to entertain! So I will definitely be at the Colts game on the Thursday. Once I get a good idea of who is coming, I will sort out some invites and hope to have some of you with us on the Saturday 29th to celebrate with Kelly and I.
  4. Would have had to be Texans for me, as I'm already out there at the time.
  5. What you doing there from the 11th to the 26th? Sightseeing in Boston and the Cape, visiting some friends and coaching some High School 'ball!
  6. I'm in Boston from 11th to 26th September...so Texans ideally for me.
  7. Who's planning on something for the AFCCG? Highly possible I can make it in for that.
  8. Thanks for putting this together once again Mark. Myself +1 (Darius who was with us last year) Much appreciated.
  9. As discussed count me in with a plus one. Providing training finishes and I get back across to Kent without delay, I'll drive straight up.
  10. Myself +1. Thanks for organising once again Mark. Anyone want to pair up on a room?
  11. That's OK. We'll just be munching on appetisers in first half and will order the TGiving dinner to arrive at half time. Sounds good. I'll be shooting out of the office bang on 16:30, should actually be with you for about 18:00 as I'll catch the train from Strood and it's only 30 minutes in to St. Pancras from there. Make sure there are some wings ready for me
  12. I might be late as I doubt I'll get off until on time (I can't snag Friday off but I'm leaving early to travel to Lincolnshire) so I'll find it tough getting two early finishes. I expect I can be there for about 6-6:30 if I get out on time and catch a train up quickly. Where are you guys staying and when are you leaving for Heathrow? If I want to make it a late one could I crash on someone's floor and depart early for work Friday?
  13. I'll more than likely be there. Got some holiday I need to use...so I'll try and get off early on a half day Thursday!
  14. I came in to London for a divisonal game a few years ago (the one where we hammered the Tebow eld Broncos) and tried the waiting around thing. Myself, Mark and acouple of other lulled around, trying to find a 24 hour McDonalds...to very little avail..and froze! Unfortunately it was a Saturday game and the first trains on a Sunday go much later than usual! Never doing that again!
  15. There needs to be a stomach lining period in there I think!
  16. I think Mark is, as mentioned above, asking what we can do. We expect renewed interest now the Pats are in the Super Bowl and, tbh, I think the more Pats fans we can flood in there the better. Failing getting extra spots, I think it's £10 entry...and once we've settled our booking we will promote the SB&G as the place to be for Pats fans to try and flood it! Throw it out on social media and see what happens!
  17. I'm feeling a bit of a throw about at some point...weather permitting...on the Sunday?
  18. Mark, can you put me down for a +1? I should know by Friday if he's definitely going to make it.
  19. I'm contemplating driving up last minute but 100% sure at this moment.
  20. I'll make a decision closer to the time next week but I'd be up for this.
  21. Im still going to have to work Monday....FML. Straight on the train to gravesend!
  22. I suggest in future you should pull over and rest or get to a services and have a 30 minute power nap...driving when falling asleep is ridiculously dangerous, not just to you but other road users. Red Bull and a window on a cold frosty night definitely wakes you up!
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