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  1. 2013 Roadtrip - vs Browns - Official Application thread

    Crunching the numbers! Certainly the most ideal time for me to be able to make it.
  2. 2013 roadtrip preference thread.

    If I'm to have the remotest chance of making it, it'd need to be December onwards. Too much else to pay for this year! So any game from then onwards.
  3. 2013 roadtrip

    If we can get a December game I should be able do this. Late November at a push!
  4. Here are the final details. The date remains he same. The tour will take place on Friday 26th October and will commence at 10am. You MUST arrive by 9:45am. I would recommend that you get there for 9:30am in order to make sure that we can deal with everyone and their payments swiftly and can start the tour on schedule. Cost will be £12.50 per person. For our American friends, this works out at around $20 with the current exchange rate. Payments are to be made on the day. Wembley have kindly offered to open up a payment area at the tour entrance where you can make your payments. The tour entrance is located at the top of Wembley way right opposite the Bobby Moore statue. If you're walking down Wembley Way from Wembley Park tube station, you just continue down Wembley Way and then continue up one of the two ramps on your left and right. You then head up to the top level where you can clearly see the statue, and then make your way to the glass door entrance. If you are coming from Wembley via the overground from Marylebone, once you leave the station, veer off right and make your way up onto the circular pathway which surrounds the stadium, walk left and follow it around, staying to the right and top level as it separates off. You will see the statue and entrance clearly as you get around to the front. These are the names I have down for the tour: Damien Bognor Pat Rat Noir Waspie +1 Secret Seagull +2 (Paul and Steph Husky71 +1 (Ben) jcuza +1 Glasgow Pat Matt Ringsell FTJohnny Aldopatriot Shelmo15 Patman +1 (Pam) Hanks PaulSaidTheseAreMyPeople +1 Dave45 UTCIAD +1 Socal Bong +1 SBach71 +1 Stephen Rhys +1 Magoo LJG0722 +1 Bamnation +1 Wilfork for Food +3 Tek420 +1 sanj2000 Jesus Valera Thomas Gardner When I gave in the original number, it stood at 52. We know have 47 and therefore that leaves us five open spots. These can be taken up and are on a first-ask-first-serve basis. If you cannot attend please let me know right away. I will be writing a list of all members down that myself, NFLUK and Wembley will have a copy of. You will be asked to quote your username rom the UKPatriots website in order to claim and pay for your requested number of tickets. If your name isn't on the list, you won't be getting any. I will be PMing you all in the next 24 hours and will try and get extra details added on to the list such as your full name and D.O.B in order to full proof the list a little more. Finally, my name remains on the list as I still hope to attended however I will likely not be there. I will be in touch on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly and I am available to be contacted if any directions or advice is needed on the Monday regardless of whether I am there or not. You can get hold of me on 07977740041. Hope everyone has a great time! Damo.
  5. Massive Thank You

    Is that all? I can't get escape from the image of him doing my wife! You have Beth to thank for that..it was her idea! Haha
  6. The event is going to be held at Regent's Park on Saturday 27th October 2012. The tournament will commence at 10:30am therefore I will need people to arrive in good time in order to get ready. It will be held on Gloucester Green in the north east corner of the park. This will be the thread now where you must officially regster your team. We will be playing six-a-side flag football and will permit up to four roll-on-roll-off substitues. Therefore we need teams with a minimum of six players (with no more than ten) to a team. You may refer to the previous discussion thread in order to liaise and find team mates in similar categories. Once you have bult a team, please register it here with everyone's full and board names. We will need a minimum of four teams for our tournament format and can push to eight if there is enough interest. How To Get There There are five tube stations in close proximity to Regents Park: - Regent's Park (Bakerloo line) Great Portland Street (Hammersmith & City, Circle & Metropolitan lines) Baker Street (Hammersmith & City, Circle, Jubilee, Metropolitan & Bakerloo lines) St John's Wood (Jubilee line) Camden Town (Northern line) I would advise that the best tube station to get off of at would be Regent's Park which is only a three minute walk to the park entrance, just north of the station. To find Gloucester Green from the south eastern entrance, walk up through Avenue Gardens and continue up past the Cow and Coffee Bean dairy pub and the Honest Sausage cafe and then throw a right towards Gloucester Gate, away from the London Zoological Gardens. If you are approaching the park from the north then access through the Gloucester Gate would be easiest. There is very limited parking and I would not recommend driving as the best form of travel to get there. NOTE: The tube is hit with a lot of maintenence works at the weekends so please be alert and check travel details prior to the Saturday morning. Facilities The Sports Hub has a 360 degree panoramic view cafe with disabled access and toilet facilities. We will not be paying for the use of their changing facilities and showers. You can browse the interative map of Regent's Park by clicking on the link which will be at the bottom of this post. There are numerous refreshment areas and toilet facilities throughout the park. Event Schedule 10am: All teams must get to the Sports Hub for this time in order to get everyone set up and ready. 10:30am: First games will commence. 12:30pm: End of event We will be able to provide you with a much better schedule of the event once we have all our teams registered and have worked out the format and fixtures. Clothing We will outline this fully in the rules which will be released in due course however I will briefly outline what we expect in terms of dress code: Patriots Colours - we want you to be wearing Patriots jerseys as, after all, it is a Patriots event. We will provide coloured bibs for one team. Footwear - your choice of trainers or moulded/studed boots (Cleats for the yanks). If it's wet, trainers amy not be the best option...obviously. Shorts/Trousers - your choice but we obvioulsy wouldn't reommend wearing your best jeans! Jogging bottoms or shorts are the most ideal and if you own a set of game pants and would like to use those, do so. I did last time. Potective Equipment - no shin, hip, thigh, knee or coccyx pads required. You may wear a gum shield as is mandatory with the BAFA in flag football however, we will not accept responsibility for those who choose to play without one. You do so at your own leisure and risk. The Twist As well as having a tournament amongst ourselves I have been working on trying to add something in to the mix we didn't have before in 2009. I have been speaking to New England Sports Tours who are going to try and help us assmble a team to come and play in an 'Old England Vs New England' finale. This will be the final match we play and add a tiny bit of a competetive edge at the end. Should this go ahead, our team will be fully dependant on how people play through the UKPatriots tournament and will be announced once we have finished that....using my excellent scouting knowledge We may potentially make the teams larger in order to include more people. All this will be confirmed closer to the day. Guests As those of you who came in 2009 will know, we had a range of guests including Cheerleaders, Pat Patriot and Patriots' alumni. Nothing can be confirmed but we can say that we are working towards something similar again. Officials We will want officials and this is something I can help with on the day also. I know of at least three officials on here so, if you're willing, we would like you all to help officiate on the day. We would like you to bring your whistles, flags markers and just your zebra striped tops to wear on top of whatever you wish as trousers...be it your full unifiorm, jogging bottoms or shorts. Anyone who wishes to assist please also register your intent on this thread. Links Interactive map of Regent's Park
  7. Don't mess around doing that. It's an absolute trek from there. Go northbound to Euston on the Victoria line then change at Euston and head northbound on the Northern line and get off at Camden Town. Walk down Parkway and enter through Gloucester Gate. We'll be right there.
  8. Wembley Tour Final Details and Payment

    Glad everyone had a great time
  9. Of course there is! I'll stick you in the under 30s! IMPORTANT NOTE: we have special guests arriving who will only be available fom 10am until 11am....therefore we would like you there for a 10am START.
  10. Guys, Can I recommend that you bring white and blue to see if we can get alternate colours going. I am sourcing some bibs but it would be good if we don't have to use them. I'll be bringing all three.
  11. I have put you down. A friend of mine is also coming along also so, if you and Tonmo can play, we will have six at least to get things started.
  12. I've stuck you in the over 30s for now. I have a feeling there will be a little tweaking on the day anyway.
  13. We have TBX and weren't you stating some net rest on the other thread? We also have myself if we have enough players which, if 2009 is anything o go by, we will have more than enough of.
  14. Wembley Tour Final Details and Payment

    If there are spaces available they come on a first come first serve basis.
  15. Awesome. I'll be bringing along a backup ball too so we'll be well stocked!
  16. I fall in the over 30 category. I will join welshlancspat and Steve on the Over 30s. I don't mind combining with the under 30s to form a super team if we need to bolster the numbers. I'll add you to the list!
  17. So... under 30s - jcuza, bob, tommy (questionable), Damien, William Pettitt, Scottay, mringsell NOTE: I may not be able to play however much I want to...so we still need to bolster the numbers. Over 30s - welshlancspat, Steve, Swindon Patriot, Boone, Bamnation Gower Street - James, Ade, Rory, Jacob, Graham, Paul, Danny, Chris, Jamie, Aldo, Andy. If we can get enough I want to split this group and add a couple of outsiders to both teams to make up their numbers. As said, I know we will have more than enough on the day but I don't want to mess about trying to arrange it there and then. If you want to be added to any of these categories then please let me know...if you can get a fourth team together without me dividing the Gower Street lot up then great.
  18. So we have : Team one (under 25s): jcuza, bob, tommo Team two (over 30s): welshlancspat, Steve I'm going to work on dividing the Gower Street bunch (as there are a lot) in to two but will need more interest in these teams. Tommo may be out so we ill see how that sits and I can play if there isn't too much running around to be done. So we ideally want under 30s and over 30s for the two teams. We will have the numbers on the day but I'd ideally like to arrange the teams before the day itself.
  19. Wembley Tour Final Details and Payment

    Toyed with the idea of talking to Pranka and may well go down that route.
  20. The what? We're going to try to take them on at their own game? Not just a UKP tourney then? Sorry .. far too busy to stay up with everything recently. It's in the details at the top. It's going to be played at the very end. A small novelty game after our tourney
  21. Wembley Tour Final Details and Payment

    Cool stuff. So that leaves us with 44. Guys, we really need to fill this up as Wembley are doing us a favour on a pre agreed number. It will, to put it quite frankly, take the p*ss if we show up with nowhere near the amount. I haven't been home long enough to PM everyone so far this week and the whole moderating team are working flat out over their full time jobs and family lives to make sure everythingis sorted over the next couple of weeks...so I'm putting a bit of responsibility into you all to show up for this, given the fact you all registered your interest. If you put your name down for this all that time ago, I'd have anticipated everyone got the permission to have time off of work and incorporated this into their schedule when they stated their intent to go. Without going in to specifics, I have a hell of a lot on at the moment and I'm going to find it incredibly tough to chase everyone up. Is all on you to check this thread for updates. As said before, first requests for spots on this tour will be given straight away...I won't be factoring in active services length of service on the board. Don't let us down...we have long memories
  22. Yeh. I'm up for that. I'll be the possession receiver. If we need 10 yards for the first down or score I will run a 10 yard cross route. If we need 20 yards for the first down or score I will run a 10 yard cross route. And it's a good job you didn't put me at CB because I cant cover anybody without cheating. Damo. Are you playing? Not sure tbh....depends how things pan out. I may wind up playing the 'Old England vs New England' game at the very end to satisfy my football fix!
  23. UKPatriots Wembley Tour

    Okay guys, here's the first exciting and exclusive opportunity for you all. We have liaised with NFLUK and Wembley Stadium and have secured permission to have an exclusive tour around Wembley on Friday 26th October, two days before the game. The stadium will be decorated for the International Series game and tours are not being operated in the few days leading up to he game...therefore this is exclusively for our members only. What I can't tell you is if there will be any restrictions to where we can go I.e. the changing rooms as we do not know if there will be anything going on that prevents us doing so. We hope that there will be no restrictions from what a regular tour would provide but we can't make any promises. Cost is yet to be determined. I originally said we could get around 30-50 interested, which would require us to pay the costs for two tour guides. This I am told would actually work out cheaper for us than paying for a regular tour anyway. The tour will likely start around 10:30am but could be subject to change. Either way, it will be in the morning. What I need from you guys is interest in the event so I can give NFLUK a definite number and we can confirm with the Stadium that they are happy with it to go ahead. Once it has been confirmed we will work out individual cost and a way of taking payments. I can tell you I paid £16 for an adult's ticket and the touris well worth the money. I went n one last month and you get a very informative guide and get to see a great deal of the stadium. Given this is for a unique NFL experience, they may change the tour a little, so it might be a little different from what others who have already been on a tour remember. Please register your interest below here and I'll keep a record of names keep your eyes peeled on the event sub forum for more news! Right now we haven't got a cap on this however that might change depending on the level of interest. However, I will make the cut off date as of today (Wednesday 18th July) for applicants to refrain from having people sign up just for this! For our American friends coming over, we obviously want you guys heavily involved in this so please get signed up! Any member who does not hold a ticket with us we will certainly allow to apply. If you have friends outside of this fan group, please let us know and we will consider, depending on numbers, allowing them to take part also. Please also note, this thread s purely for registering your interest. If we have to induce a cap on the numbers we can allow and go over that cap, moderators will decide the best way to prioritise the applicants; baring in mind recent activity, donations over the years and any other contributions.